In January, OpenSea reached 1.5M NFT sales on Polygon and 1.1M sales on Ethereum

There is a chance Apple may let users install apps from outside the App Store boosting NFT

Polygon’s NFT market shows signs of significantly increased adoption. Apple plans to allow iOS apps from external sources, which could benefit NFT apps. Donald Trump released a collection of fantasy NFTs.

New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles

[COMING SOON] “WEN” is inspired by the joy and misery that can potentially be experienced in a not-so-distant metaverse. The artist Felipe Posada’s work has previously been commissioned and published by VogueElleGlamour, and Forbes. This collection drops exclusively on NFT on 19 December 2022.

[COMING SOON] Sergi’s “Puppetz – Genesis Collection” represents various highly sought-after personalities in the Puppetz private club, a club for those who dare to live freely. Dropping on 21 December, the collection features 100 NFTs that are ultra-rare, genesis editions from the Puppetz collection.

Blockchain Games

[LIVE] The Land – The First Frontier private sale went live on 13 December 2022, with 20,000 land NFTs out of the total supply of 25,000 being sold at breakneck pace. After 48 hours, all the land NFTs were sold. Now, users can go and purchase land in the secondary market in the NFT Marketplace.

[COMING SOON] The sixth batch of the Cronos Ecosystem Grants recipients includes Snook, a multiplayer Snake-like game and Legends of Bezogia, a play-to-earn MMORPG based in the world of Bezogia. Gamers will be able to play both games natively on the Cronos chain.

NFT Metrics

The following table shows select top collections (by weekly sales volume on each platform) and a sample of their art:

PlatformCollectionSales Volume (USD)Floor Price 
OpenSea Valhalla $5,157,000
OpenSea CryptoPunks $2,677,000
$80,900 NFT Land – The First Frontier $1,400,000
$140 NFT Loaded Lions $391,000
Minted VVS Miner Mole $17,000
Minted Bored Candy $15,000
Source: DappRadar

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at US$5.85 billion, down -1% from last week.

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News Highlights

  • Polygon’s NFT market shows signs of significantly increased adoption following collaborations with top companies such as Reddit. Despite crypto winter, the number of daily buyers reached new all-time highs in December, even as NFT ecosystems on other chains such as Ethereum and Solana experienced declines.
  • Apple plans to allow the installation of iOS apps from external sources. This move could make it easier for developers to build apps around NFTs, benefitting NFT apps that are currently limited by App Store requirements. Currently, the iOS apps for marketplaces like OpenSea only allow users to browse NFTs, where they cannot buy or sell them.
  • Former U.S. President Donald Trump released a collection of 45,000 fantasy NFTs. The NFTs are minted on Polygon and consist of digital trading cards depicting himself as a superhero, an astronaut, and an Old West sheriff, among other characters.
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In January, OpenSea reached 1.5M NFT sales on Polygon and 1.1M sales on Ethereum Accelerate the...’s transition to cryptocurrency.