Polkadot, ETH, Chainlink and Bitcoin Feyyaz Alingan Brings A New Video

(WETH) Wrapped Ether Explained. What Is It?

Intro: 00:00 Preview: 00:25 Topic 1: 00:56 BTC Topic 2: 11:35 ETH Topic 3: 18:14 Chainlink Topic 4: 20:48 Polkadot Outro: 22:57

Every week Feyyaz Alingan looks at the most important cryptocurrencies and discusses the most important developments in the crypto space to share his thoughts in the Crypto Market Talk. Which coins could go to the moon and which could go bust? What is behind the hype of the different blockchain technologies and how can YOU participate? If you don’t want to miss the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies and want to stay up to date with Bitcoin and co. - Crypto Market Talk is the best place to stay subscribed! Feyyaz Alingan founded Blue Alpine Research and regularly publishes analysis & news on the topic of cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFTs on YouTube and via Podcast.

(WETH) Wrapped Ether Explained. What Is It?

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