Play To Earn Games: Revolution On The Games Market – Let's Talk About P2E. What Is Play To Earn? RoboHero (ROBO)

Play To Earn Games: Revolution On The Games Market – Let's Talk About P2E. What Is Play To Earn? RoboHero (ROBO)

Gaming entertainment was always an industry with great development potential. Technological progress allowed us to create more and more complex titles that surprised us with the quality of graphics, mechanics, or ideas. The last twenty years have been a time of constant updates on gaming issues like reality level, the world presented to scale, or playability, but our minds get used to it. It’s much harder to impress us, so maybe there’s a time for a different approach? In this article, we will introduce to you, the Play-to-Earn games – a special kind of money-earning tool. Nowadays, the title has more purposes – to give you joy and also let you earn. What does it look like in practice? Let’s talk about it!

How have we made money from gaming so far?

The idea of exchanging your time in front of the screen for cash appeared a long time ago. It required a lot of creativity. There weren't any direct solutions from the games side, that would allow the money to appear on your account. The range of options was divided into those that could be used by anyone, and those that would require different conditions to be met. To the first mentioned we can classify farming and selling gold in MMO RPG, unique items, whole accounts, and renting servers. To the second group, we can put being a pro e-sport gamer or streamer of your gameplay who receives donations. The common denominator of both sections is showing your initiative as a player to make money. There hasn't been a tool before that comes to you and says, “hey, act in a specific way, and you'll pay out money”. 

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P2E has introduced itself to the market and gained many enthusiasts

P2E games are working similarly to others in the crypto industry. The engine of the initiative is the idea and token which is issued to the market. With the proper marketing background, the community is gathered. They are observatories of the development process, and sometimes take a part in the decision-making by voting. A token has a certain value, which is also a reflection of the interest in the game from both the speculation and utility side of the token. An interested person can, for example, buy a number of tokens, spend some on in-game utility, and some on staking or farming. However, the earning potential doesn’t stop here. You can treat it as an investment instrument, but the main functionality is dedicated to inside-metaverse solutions. Your funds are your currency for which you buy characters, items, boxes, etc. Usually, it is also a reward in battle. Fighting with enemies is the most common way to earn income by actively doing certain activities in P2E. 

How does it look in practice? 

Let’s use the example of the RoboHero mobile game. The title has its ROBO token exchangeable to UST. Moreover, you can allocate it on staking or farming with high APY and after the game release, you can buy a robot, upgrades, land, or billboards. The last two mentioned require a word of explanation. You can earn passively, sharing your NFT lands as fighting arenas for PvP. Billboards work the same as in real life – you rent them for advertising, and you get paid. Passive income solutions in Play-to-Earn are wonderful. You can get tokens for being a landlord and at the same time win tokens in battles. Why become a tenant in real life when you can do so in the metaverse? RoboHero deserves praise for a certain solution, which is a very nice step for the community. P2E games often had high barriers to entry. Starting an adventure required a minimum of several hundred dollars out of your pocket. Examples of such games are CryptoKitties or Axie Infinity. Not everyone can spend so much money right away, especially when they don't know if they will like the game and will continue to use it until the investment pays off. Thankfully, there is another approach – a Watch-to-Earn app has been launched for RoboHero, so for watching ads you'll claim the funds for your first playable robot. Sounds good to us. 

What Is Watch To Earn? | RoboHero

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Ten years ago, we were farming gold in World of Warcraft, today we are farming tokens dedicated for fiat money exchange. The market is moving in our favor as gamers have more and more opportunities to monetize their activities. The profession of a full-time gamer has so far been associated with e-sports players. We may need to redefine the term to describe someone who plays P2E titles 8 hours a day. In the Philippines, people are playing Axie Infinity and making good money from it. They treat it as a full-time job like being an Uber driver. Who knows, maybe other parts of the world will one day switch from casual work to mobile gaming.

Play To Earn Games: Revolution On The Games Market – Let's Talk About P2E. What Is Play To Earn? RoboHero (ROBO)

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