NFT Price: 48 Millions USD For A Twitter (TWTTR) Entry!?

Binance Academy: Non-fungible Tokens: $69 Millions For An NFT!? NFT - What Is It?

NFT of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet is valued at over $48M on OpenSea. The U.K. is set to create government-backed NFTs. Nansen’s recent report states NFTs outperform cryptocurrencies year-to-date.

APR 13, 2022

Key Takeaways NFT in the Spotlight

  • Remember The Name is the first athlete NFT project which allows you to personalise your redeemable experience on, created by portrait artist Carling Jackson and cricket legend Carlos Brathwaite. Each NFT in this pseudo PFP collection places the owner in a bespoke redeemable stream allowing them to cater their redeemable experience to their interests. The Remember the Name collection features fan-favourite action figures and the first publicly available work from the world renowned ‘athlete artist’.
  • BeatHeadz’ is the PFP project for all music lovers on Created by artist Phil Lumbang and musician Aloe Blacc, each of the 10,808 BeatHeadz in the collection is a digital collectible avatar with a unique combination of headphones, hair, eyes, clothing, and accessories.

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Transaction Volume Benchmark

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Top Collectibles

Project Name Weekly Sales (USD) Transaction Count Number of Buyers
MOAR by Joan Cornelia $27,192,913 5,820 3,949
Bored Ape Yacht Club $26,099,727 98 76
Mutant Ape Yacht Club $24,589,035 321 248
Arcade Land $23,165,209 5,006 2,895
Azuki $20,781,780 269 195
* Collectibles data from

The following chart shows selected top NFTs and their historical floor prices.

Upcoming NFT Sales

The following table shows top upcoming NFT sales (by market cap) and a sample of their art.

Project Name Sale Date Price Items Market Cap Sample
Chilled Camel Club 29 Apr 2022 1.5 (SOL) 10,000 15,000 (SOL)
MetamonGo 15 Apr 2022 0.2 (ETH) 40,000 8,000 (ETH)
Fancy Fox Association 1 Jun 2022 0.8 (ETH) 9,189 7,351.2 (ETH)
AquaHeads 30 Apr 2022 2 (SOL) 3,333 6,666 (SOL)

Top Artists

The following table shows selected top artists (by sales volume on each platform) and a sample of their art.

Platform Artist Sales Volume (USD) Sample NFT Ballies $2,000,000+
Solanart Degenerate Ape Academy $274,584
OpenSea MOAR $23,059,293



Binance Academy: Non-fungible Tokens: $69 Millions For An NFT!? NFT - What Is It? Accelerate the...’s transition to cryptocurrency.