Making Interest On Crypto Holdings!? Aqru: Cryptocurrency Staking Platform

Making Interest On Crypto Holdings!? Aqru: Cryptocurrency Staking Platform


  • Arqu trading platform
  • How to trade and earn yields on the Aqru platform.
  • Advantages of the Aqru platform

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Aqru is a crypto staking platform that makes it simple for investors to earn interest on their cryptocurrency investments.

Aqru cryptocurrency is one of the only listed equities primarily offering exposure to the DeFi sector. Aqru currently offers a yield on certain cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and Dai (DAI).

If investors hold BTC and ETH they can earn up to 7% APY, if investors hold USDT, USDC and Dai, they can earn up to 12% APY. It is easy for investors to take advantage of compounding interest as the interest is paid daily.

Aqru ensures security for users on the platform

In order to ensure security for its users whilst they earn interest, Aqru makes use of encryption in transit, encryption at rest and address whitelisting. Users are able to protect their assets with their bank level security and deposit protection insurance, this happens because Aqru makes use of a multi-layered insurance policy, this protects the value of users assets from hacking. In addition Aqru uses the latest Multi-stig technology from Fireblocks (a leading wallet provider) to keep users' assets safe.

Encryption in transit protects user data if communications are intercepted whilst transferring between the site and cloud provider. Encryption at rest is designed to protect users from attackers accessing unencrypted data. Address whitelisting enables crypto withdrawals to be transferred to addresses already designated in the users address book.

Aqru generates yield from leading providers that have robust audit histories and those that have significant assets under management.

To give their users peace-of-mind, Aqru generates yield from leading providers that have robust audit histories and those that have significant assets under management. In addition, yield opportunities are monitored by the experienced risk management committee to ensure Aqru stays ahead of all market trends.

Fees for using Aqru

There are no fees for using this platform nor are there fees for fiat withdrawals, when withdrawing cryptocurrencies there is a $20 flat fee that is charged on the asset you are withdrawing and a 0.5% fee based on the asset value.

The platform accepts payment via card, bank transfer, or wallet-to-wallet crypto payments.

Aqru’s method for generating enough returns to pay to their users

Aqru generates returns by lending out their users digital assets to institutional and retail borrowers as well as participating and supporting decentralised exchanges. The deposits lent to decentralised exchanges are insured and the platform maintains a rigorous risk management process. Money lent to institutional and retail investors is 100% collateralised, thus allowing ease of returns and to pay customers daily.

The returns generated by crypto assets remain high as investors are willing to pay high interest for assets that are not readily available by traditional means. As the crypto market grows and capital becomes more available, yields on crypto assets will decrease.

Once users have uploaded their funds to the platform, the value of their assets are distributed into a liquidity pool, which is then distributed to earn a fee on pool-to-peer lending platforms.

Aqru makes money by taking a share on the income earned from the liquidity pools. There is a lot of room for Aqru and like-companies to grow as investors begin to realise the benefits of gaining safer yields from safe platforms like Aqru.

Aqru also offers services to institutional investors

Aqru also offers services to institutional investors with bespoke terms for larger investors, if institutional digital assets allocation becomes larger, Aqru’s addressable market becomes larger.

Advantages of investing in Aqru:
  1. There is no need for investors to go out of their way to start earning interest.
  2. If investors do not own cryptocurrency, they can invest fiat currency and the Aqru platform will take care of exchanging it into the cryptocurrency of your choice, if investors wish to do so.
  3. There is no native coin on the platform that investors need to hold in order to receive the best interest rates.
  4. There is no lock-in period, i.e investors are welcome to withdraw their funds at any time.
  5. Aqru processes withdrawals within 24 hours and does not charge fees on fiat withdrawals.
  6. User-friendly platform.
  7. The platform is currently giving away 10 USDT to every user that signs up to the platform.
Aqru also offers services to institutional investors

Becoming an Aqru member is simple, it starts with setting up an account on the platform, which is designed to help users get to know and understand the platform. After account creation users can either fund it by fiat or cryptocurrency transfers. In order to sign up to Aqru accounts, the user will need to go through a verification process to confirm the user's identity and the legitimacy of the funds.

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