(LBLOCK) LuckyBlock Crypto-Lottery - The Future Of Cryptocurrency?

(LBLOCK) LuckyBlock Crypto-Lottery - The Future Of Cryptocurrency?


  • A deeper look into the Lucky Block platform and coin.
  • Advantages of holding a Lucky Block coin.
  • The process of buying a Lucky Block coin.
  • Price predictions, past, present and future.

Lucky Block is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies.

Lucky Block launched their crypto coin earlier this year and their focus is “to develop further transparency and fairness in games, creating games and competitions where every player and entrant has better win odds while providing a solid rewards strategy for token holders while contributing to the economy.”

They are one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies, but hope to change that by building onto the Binance Smart Coin and using it to offer more transparency and equality amongst users.

Lucky Block is listed on the Pancakeswap platform, in the weeks following the listing, the price increased substantially and investors saw brilliant returns. They launched their coin earlier this year, and have seen successful returns since.

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The coin was created to give everyone a better experience for lottery entrants.

Lucky Block is a cryptocurrency games platform, a worldwide games and competitions platform with “play-to-earn” rewards using blockchain protocols, it operates on the Binance smart chain. They are determined to develop further transparency and fairness in games. The coin was created to give everyone a better experience for lottery entrants.

Lucky Block believes that games of chance should have no borders (geographic and financial). The coin is considered to be revolutionary - it is a “crypto-lottery”

Lucky Block was the fastest crypto to earn $1 billion Market Cap, they acquired 50k+ investors in the first 90 days after launching.

Why is Lucky Block so special?

  1. Their pre-sale phase sold out all the allocated tokens nearly two weeks ahead of schedule.
  2. The price rose more than 3200% over its pre-sale price and reached a fully diluted market cap of more than $500 million.
  3. Lucky Block is planning on expanding into more exchanges in the future.

Advantages of Lucky Block:

  1. Free daily jackpot entry for all Lucky Block holders.
  2. Play-to-earn rewards in Lucky Block
  3. Able to buy Lucky Block NFTs with their crypto wallet.
  4. The platform can break down geographical and financial borders for entrants.
  5. Revolutionising the lottery.
  6. Upcoming exchange listings, after the way Lucky Block price reacted to being listed on Pancakeswap, investors are hoping the same will happen when Lucky Block becomes listed on more exchanges.
  7. Exciting future plans, there are 4 phases of future plans set out by Lucky Block and all of them will bring future benefits to users.
  8. Potential for passive income, for users who store their Lucky Block tokens in crypto wallets will receive dividends. These dividends are linked to the number of lotto ticket entrants. Therefore, as Lucky Block expands, users will benefit from their ownership.
  9. Deflationary, structured so that a portion of them are burned regularly.

The advantages to this coin are seemingly never ending. Recall that burning coins means to permanently remove tokens from circulation in an attempt to reduce supply and drive up price.

The process of buying a Lucky Block coin is not quite the same as it is to buy one of the bigger coins such as Bitcoin.

  1. It is necessary to set up a crypto wallet, the wallet should be compatible with BSC (Binance Smart Chain), for example, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Fund it with BNB (Binance Coin)
  2. It is necessary to first buy Binance Coin (BNB) to facilitate the Lucky Block investment. Buying Binance Coin is easy to do through a broker or an exchange, afterwhich, it is possible to transfer the Binance coin to your crypto wallet.
  3. Connect your crypto wallet to Pancakeswap and link your wallet of choice onto Pancakeswap.
  4. It is necessary to specify the Lucky Block contract address.
  5. Buy Lucky Block coins using the Binance Coin.

Lucky block has become one of the most sought after cryptocurrencies to launch this year, the platform offers many types of ownership benefits plus, there is an opportunity to benefit from value increases.

Future, present and past price of Lucky Block.

In the past week the price of LBlock has fallen by 7%, the past 14 days shows a fall in the price of 16.1%, the past month shows a fall of 50.2% and in the past 24 hours the price fall has been 8.4%. The negative overall performance can possibly be explained by the current economic conditions and investor sentiment.

When the company launched earlier this year, the price saw a healthy increase, the original price increase after launch was more than 3200%. Since then the general market has seen a lot of volatility, which has caused investor sentiment to turn relatively negative and turn to less risky investments. Hence, the price started dropping slowly during March but has caught more downwards momentum in April.

(LBLOCK) LuckyBlock Crypto-Lottery - The Future Of Cryptocurrency? - 1

LBLOCK Price Chart

The future price prediction for Lucky Block is optimistic, when the coin was listed on Pancakeswap the price of the token spiked, plus the combination with stellar use cases means investor confidence in this coin is positive.

Lucky Block also has an App, making their services more easily available to users everywhere.

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