It happened! Bitcoin fell to $25K Ethereum to $1300

It happened! Bitcoin fell to $25K Ethereum to $1300

Looking at the Bitcoin quotes, we notice that the exchange rate of the oldest virtual currency has dropped by almost $7,000, i.e. nearly 22%, over the last week, extending the range of the previous November depreciation to over $44,000 - i.e. almost 64%.

Such a significant sale meant that Bitcoin, which still cost $69,000 seven months ago, is now worth less than $25,000.

It is worth emphasizing that the BTC exchange rate broke the bottom last weekend from a monthly consolidation, which naturally confirms the potential for further depreciation.

The nearest support, where a slight demand response could appear, is located for $24,000. However, this level is of minor importance and will probably be defeated sooner or later. If this happens, the BTC rate could move further south, slipping below $20,000.

It happened! Bitcoin fell to $25K Ethereum to $1300 - 1

Looking at the Ethereum quotes, we notice that the price of this cryptocurrency has dropped in the last few days by almost $650, i.e. nearly 34%. And, from the historic peaks in November 2021, the ETH price has already dropped by $3,600, nearly 74%.

Such a significant sale has made Ethereum, which cost nearly $4,900 seven months ago, worth less than $1,300. Given that this sale resulted in a defeat of $1,400 technical support, it seems highly likely that we will see a further $1,000 sell-off over the next few days.

It happened! Bitcoin fell to $25K Ethereum to $1300 - 2

Solana's price has recently slipped below $37 technical support. This sale resulted in the SOL course being almost 90% below the highs from November last year and is currently at the lowest level since July 2021.

We could expect a $23 technical support re-test if the sale continues. However, if this barrier is overcome, the sale could continue at $12.

It happened! Bitcoin fell to $25K Ethereum to $1300 - 3

Looking at the quotations of the Polygon cryptocurrency, we notice that its rate has recently dropped to the lowest level since April 2021. Currently, it ranks as much as 85% below the highs from November last year.

It is noteworthy that the MATIC price has recently dropped below the technical support of $0.56, which means it is now close to the next support of $0.45. However, if this level is broken, we could expect further depreciation towards $0.30 or even further to $0.19.

It happened! Bitcoin fell to $25K Ethereum to $1300 - 4

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