How Much Has Cardano Price (ADA) Decreased Since The Vasil Update?

Stablecoins Could Be Used As A Way Of Storing Capital

Cardano (ADA) has lost more than 24% since the long-awaited Vasil update, as investors seem to become increasingly dissatisfied with the market's reaction.

Vasil Update - an update without a reflection in the price?

Vasil was supposed to be one of the major developments of the project, which, like previous updates e.g. the 'Mary hard fork update', was supposed to foster efficiency and network growth, and ultimately increase Cardano usage.

The most important areas of the update were to include improvements to throughput, transfer speed and the Plutus language for the development of dApps (decentralised applications), i.e. applications that can be developed on the project infrastructure.

Following the launch of the 'Vasil update' on 23 August in Europe, the price of the coin rose by more than 12% in the following weeks. However, it then began to fall. Is possible that the low volatility of the ADA price at the end of September was due to the general sideways trend across the crypto market, which was also seen in leading tokens such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

What's next for Cardano?

Cardano price, daily candles

Source: Conotoxia MT5

Investors have been selling off the token significantly since the beginning of this week, with the token losing more than 15% on the Conotoxia MT5 platform today at 15:00 GMT+3.

Such large declines may also be driven by regularly deteriorating sentiment in other markets, with which the token appears to have been strongly correlated over the past year. According to Macroaxis data, the 3-month average correlation between Cardano and the QQQ ETF, which gives exposure to the Nasdaq Composite index, is now as high as 0.75.

The Ethereum merge that affected the performance and cost of ETH may also play a role in Cardano's performance. The blockchain of the world's second-largest token has become, thanks to infrastructure changes, a very attractive place to develop dApps, which may impact growth expectations for the ADA project.

An additional factor that may favour short-term declines in the value of the token is the relatively large run-up of the ADA, from a local low (in July this year). It has provided enough room for the downside we are now seeing. The token scored a 35% rally during this period, broken along with other coins in the second half of August.

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Stablecoins Could Be Used As A Way Of Storing Capital

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