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Now you can view Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) prices on Twitter
  • Ethereum price sees momentum building for a pop towards $1,243.89.
  • With several central banks this week signalling near the end of the rate hike cycle, markets are finding equilibrium.
  • Expect that space ETH price to rally higher and could return to $1,688.39.

Ethereum (ETH) price is technically set to make a killing with a possible 8% intraday gain in sight and, in the near term, a whopping 45% gain forecast. The sudden change comes after a few central banks signalled that the end of their monetary tightening is near, and comments from Powell make clear that the FED will push the US into a recession deliberately to cut short inflation and, by doing so, could trigger a massive weaker dollar. That opens up massive room for ETH price action to manoeuvre in, return to the base of the triangle at $1,688.39 and book 45% gains.

ETH price gearing up for 45% gains

Ethereum price opens quite bullish this morning in the ASIA PAC session after bulls faced headwinds this week but look to survive and eke out weekly gains going into the weekend. As grim and dire as last week's outlook, the background is changing this week with different rhetoric as markets assess the new information from central banks. As it stands, the congressional hearing of Powell revealed that the FED is planning to push the US into recession to tame inflation deliberately.

ETH price could trade off this information as a recession in the US would mean a weaker dollar, and several other central banks have notified markets that they are near ending their tightening path, which means that money conditions could start to normalize again with cash inflow set to restart for cryptocurrencies. On the back of that, ETH price could jump above $1,243.89 and have the field wide open to rally in, with sight set on the base of the bearish triangle from May at $1,649.37.

Why you should buy Ethereum right now as sentiment is shifting - 1

ETH/USD daily chart

The delicate equilibrium currently playing with the situation in Ukraine and Russia could easily break down again with the cut-off from supply chains to the Russian enclave Kaliningrad. That could see a Russian military response and ramp up tensions again on the geopolitical stage. That would come with a wave of risk-off again and smash ETH price back to $1,000 and possibly see it slip back below $900 for support. Do not even rule out a test at $830.93 at the pivotal historic level already marked up.

Now you can view Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) prices on Twitter

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