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Table of contents

· What is KaraStar (KARA) ?

· How does KaraStar (KARA) work?

· What makes KaraStar (KARA) unique?

· Who created KaraStar (KARA)?

· Closing thoughts

As the world continues shifting to the digital age, more and more people are finding it pertinent to focus their lives on the metaverse. According to research, the metaverse was worth $63.83 billion in 2021. Analysts predict that this value will rise above $100.25 billion by the end of 2022 and hit $1.53 trillion by 2029.


Looking to make a statement in the rapidly growing space, KaraStar seeks to project real-world economic value on a virtual game. The KaraStar virtual world empowers creators to develop a one-of-a-kind Play-to-Earn (P2E) ecosystem.


Through this game model, KaraStar allows gamers to stay entertained, earn money and find peace and love by acting as masters to pets dubbed Kara. By combining an opportunity to earn and positive emotions in one game, KaraStar aims to attract numerous players to build a virtual universe together.


How Does KaraStar (KARA) Work?

KaraStar runs on BNB Chain, formerly Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In the game, players are considered creators. The KaraStar game currently features two modes. These are player-versus-player (PVP) and player-versus-environment (PVE). Under PVE lies Dungeon gameplay, where players obtain bonuses in UMY tokens by exploring maps and killing monsters.


On the other hand, PVP includes battling in arenas and tournaments. This mode is suitable for comKarasitive games, which display a player’s understanding and strategy of the game. KaraStar plans to offer crypto worth tens of millions for players participating in the comKarasition.


To start participating in PVP or PVE games, players need to buy three or more non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Through the earned UMY, players can choose to breed or evolve their Karas. Evolving a Kara involves either burning UMY or devouring other NFTs. Each Kara has a limited number of times it can breed to avoid overpopulation.


The game is based on the KaraSpace galaxy, which boasts 12,801 planets that serve as irreplaceable resources. KaraSpace features three categories, Superpower, Nature, and Melee. Each category has different Kara attributes. Under Superpower lies light, electricity, and fire. Nature comprises dragon, ghost, and fairy. Melee features rock, steel, and poison.


Out of the 12,801 planets, 10,000 are resource planets, and 2,000 are creation planets. There’s only one Mother Planet, which is the primary carrier of game operations. However, KaraStar has not yet launched the Mother Planet.


The Mother Planet has 255,255 plots. Each plot is encompassed by 33 grids. Once players acquire plots as private property, they can build their Kara Kingdoms. Players will need UMY to purchase maternal resources. There are five types of land on the Mother Planet. These are central, forest, north pole, desert, and high-tower. Each type of land has different treasures.


The Mother Planet and Lands mode will run as a multiplayer Simulated Life Game (SLG). Players will be able to make friends or compete with other players across the globe. Additionally, they will be able to harvest equipment fragments to boost the power of their Karas to earn more KARA tokens.


What Makes KaraStar (KARA) Unique?

The KaraStar ecosystem leverages a dual-token economic system. The UMY token fuels the whole KaraStar metaverse. UMY also serves as the foundation of the KaraStar world to achieve stability and peace. Additionally, UMY is used to power the staking and mining of KARA. Creators generate UMY every time they engage with the game.


On the other hand, KARA is the governance token in the KaraStar ecosystem. One KARA is equivalent to one ticket in the ecosystem’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). DAO members can vote on the ecosystem’s governance by staking their KARA. Apart from governance, creators can use KARA for in-game payments.


Additionally, creators holding KARA can earn more rewards by staking their holdings for mining in the farm pool. Players can get KARA through airdrops, buying in the market, or obtaining the token in the upcoming MotherLand mode.


The KaraStar DAO seeks to support community builders. Unlike other DAOs, the KaraStar DAO offers careers for all community contributors. After surveying many pre-DAO members, KaraStar decided to establish the House of Lords and the House of Commons.


In doing so, the project offers DAO members a career path. Additionally, this setup helps provide structural momentum for the stability and growth of the DAO.


KaraStar also features a scholarship platform, which offers customer-to-customer (C2C) scholarships. Providers can list the scholarships on the KaraStar website and recruit scholars. KaraStar then rewards contributors with bonuses in the scholarship program.


To ensure the stability of token prices, KaraStar will regularly burn UMY. Specifically, the project aims to burn 80% of the UMY consumed in the game.


Who Created KaraStar (KARA)?

KaraStar Technology PTE. LTD, a Singapore-based blockchain game developer, created KaraStar. The company has a rich team featuring game development engineers from Zynga and ROBLOX, seasoned blockchain experts, and Wall Street mathematical actuaries.


At the helm is CEO Dustin, who previously served as the Project Manager for Apple in the Asia-Pacific region. He also has experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, and blockchain mining, among other fields.


Kate Kryvonos serves as the company’s COO. She has over five years of blockchain marketing strategy and leadership experience. Before joining KaraStar, Kryvonos spent four years leading open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency projects like Foundation Ltd and the Symbol blockchain.


The firm’s CTO is Kumar, who has experience working as a product manager and program developer for leading game companies like Zynga and Electronic Arts (EA). He has seven years of experience in game development and two years of experience in blockchain product development.


Closing Thoughts

As a P2E metaverse game, KaraStar offers players a chance to stay entertained while earning. Additionally, the project’s Social-Fi capabilities allow gamers to connect across the globe. Coupled with a healthy economic model, these features help the project position itself for long-term success.


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The Witcher's Geralt Of Rivia Drops Into Fortnite!

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