Crypto: Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) Are Losing In Value!?

Crypto: Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) Are Losing In Value!?

The average bitcoin payment fee recently fell below $1 for the first time in years. Transaction fees are needed to enable crypto intermediaries to operate, but they are hampering the adoption of payment solutions, affecting small payments in particular.

Because the network is expensive to maintain due to its energy-intensive nature, commissions have been able to shoot up many times, for example, Ethereum commissions during the NFT hype. This is even more painful for transfers of small sums. This is why new technological solutions are so important.

Here comes ethereum's Merge and payment solutions for bitcoin (Lightning Network and Taproot overlays), which are already revolutionising the world of crypto payments. They allow settlements to be faster, less energy-intensive and less expensive. The current average transaction fee for BTC payments has fallen below $0.825 - the lowest since 13 June 2020, ETH below $0.64, and is likely to be even cheaper.

Their decline is not only a reason for the ever-improving technology, but also the recent crash of tokens, NFTs and an increase in the ease of mining in the long term. However, current energy and cryptocurrency prices may cause a short-term decline in mining activity. Many have already suspended operations or exited the crypto world. This can be seen in particular through the massive sale of mining rigs and used computer hardware (especially graphics cards).

ETH, BTC and most tokens seemed to continue their declines. ETH and BTC prices are below the price channel and in the absence of a return above its bottom line, we can probably already speak of a short-term trend reversal. ETH has found its support on the 50-day moving average for now, while BTC has already crossed it. Moreover, the technical indicators (RSI, MACD and ADX) do not indicate a reversal of the short-term trend either.

Declines in the major stock market indexes, hawkish announcements from the FED and further pessimistic data from the economy seem to be putting a lot of pressure on crypto.

Rafał Tworkowski, Junior Market Analyst, Conotoxia Ltd. (Conotoxia investment service)

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Source: BTC and ETH payments getting cheaper. Will Cryptocurrencies experience further declines?

Crypto: Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH) Are Losing In Value!?

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