Check This Novelty On Cryptomarket! Arenum (ARNM) Explained - What Is It? #Altcoins

Arenum (ARNM) Explained - What Is It? You Have To Check This Novelty On Cryptomarket! #Altcoins

Table of Contents

  • What is Arenum?
  • How does Arenum work?
  • What makes Arenum unique?
  • Who created Arenum?
  • Closing thoughts

Number of smartphone users has increased to 6.648 billion at the moment...

The mobile device industry has made significant progress since Apple launched its App Store with only 500 apps in 2008. Since then, the market has grown swiftly, with leading tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon joining Apple in creating mobile apps. Combined, the platforms of these four companies host almost 7 million apps.

As the world continues transitioning into a digital era, the number of smartphone users has increased to 6.648 billion at the moment, up from 5.924 billion in 2020. This sharp uptick was due to increased online interactions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which minimized in-person interactions.

Mobile games, especially, became popular, with downloads exceeding 80 billion in 2020...

Following the pandemic, the gaming industry expanded rapidly as more people started spending time gaming to stay busy and maintain their sanity amid the restrictions. Mobile games, especially, became popular, with downloads exceeding 80 billion in 2020.

While the pandemic is not as widespread as it was over the past two years, mobile gamers are expected to spend $238 billion by 2025 as more countries gain access to better cellular communications, internet, and smartphone technology.

However, current game publishers do not incentivize players to play. Additionally, most web2 games only support in-app purchases, which see gamers spend their money on one-off purchases to improve their competitiveness in games. This model contributes 95% of the total revenue generated by mobile games. However, it is outdated and exploitative.

To supercharge the mobile gaming industry, Arenum aims to become a web3-powered matching engine for eSports. Specifically, the platform seeks to create a robust ecosystem that comprises a unique and exciting metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto, and a play-to-earn model. Watch the deep dive video into Arenum (ARNM) and Subscribe to the KuCoin YouTube Channel:

How Does Arenum Work?

The Arenum platform functions like a tokenized ecosystem where participants interact with one another on-chain through a permissionless and censorship-resistant environment.

Arenum is anchored on four features. These are a player-versus-player (PvP) multiplayer Engine (SDK) for games, an NFT metagame, a platform for game developers and influencers, and a marketplace.


The PvP Multiplayer engine comprises a collection of smart contracts and infrastructure that any game developer can integrate into their games. Through the Arenum PvP Multiplayer SDK, games get access to leaderboards, tournaments, leagues, referral and reward systems, and a deep metagame.

On the other hand, the NFT metagame allows players to earn resources through tournaments. Such resources. For instance, gamers can get NFT collectibles of animals, which they can breed and come up with stronger creatures. They can then use these creatures to play in PvP auto battles.

The developer and influencer platform comprises a set of tools from the multiplayer SDK engine. These tools allow developers to publish their games as a standalone product and deploy tournaments with one click to monetize influencer communities instantly. Developers need to stake the Arenum token (ARNM) to unlock these benefits.

Like other marketplaces, the Arenum marketplace will let players sell and purchase rare NFT animals, which they can use to improve the breeds of their previous virtual animals to level up.

All games have access to the Arenum Multiplayer PvP SDK and can easily integrate it to gain access to the tournament engine. At this point, influencers and sponsors can add tournaments for the games they want to support into the engine.

Players then select the games and tournaments they want to participate in and stake ARNM to unlock higher tiers of the tournaments. Players that win the tournaments get rewards in NFTs, which they can collect or trade on the marketplace. Other players can buy NFTs listed on the marketplace and use them to auto-battle for NFTs and other rewards.

What Makes Arenum Unique?

The current game publishers list games and leave players to discover the games. To this end, developers need to market their games to success. However, marketing is expensive, and most projects fail to reach their targeted audience. For instance, in 2021, only 810 out of 475,000 recorded revenues exceeding $1 million.

Unlike the current game publishers, Arenum supplements the gameplay of games with various levels of interaction for players. In so doing, the platform helps position each game that integrates its Multiplayer PvP SDK for success.

By offering all games a chance to deploy multiplayer capabilities, Arenum levels the playing ground for all developers. Additionally, game developers can pick their sponsors from an automated attention marketplace, making marketing cheaper.

As for gamers, Arenum guarantees continuous entertainment, seeing as it provides a catalog of games published and advertised across its network

To this end, the Arenum platform helps developers focus on making their games and systems exciting instead of worrying about how to retain players.

As for gamers, Arenum guarantees continuous entertainment, seeing as it provides a catalog of games published and advertised across its network. Moreover, the metagame and social network on Arenum will ensure players continue playing even after they finish the original game.

Who Created Arenum?

Eduard Gurinovich, Alexander Pasechnik, and Alexander Zelenshikov co-founded Arenum in 2018. Gurinovich is also the founder of CarPrice and CarMoney. He raised over $90 million worth of venture capital for these firms. On the other hand, Pasechnik bootstrapped multiple IT products from zero to $1 million in revenue.

Zelenshikov helped develop several high-performance proprietary rendering engines. He has 17 years of experience in game development at key positions at companies like Digital Element and Novy Disc.

The Arenum team currently comprises more than 30 members, and Vyacheslav Tarasov serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He previously worked for Prisma Prisma App as the Senior Mobile Developer and Senior Project Manager and helped the app hit 10 million daily installs.

Closing Thoughts

By positioning itself as a global web3 matching engine for eSports, Arenum is set to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry. The platform’s Multiplayer PvP SDK engine helps developers focus on creating captivating games, while the play-to-earn model helps retain players.

Arenum (ARNM) Explained - What Is It? You Have To Check This Novelty On Cryptomarket! #Altcoins

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