Altcoins To Watch? Check Out LINK, SOL, IOTA - The Cryptocurrencies Less Spoken About

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Hitting One Milion Dollars!? What About (ETH/USD) Price Of Ethereum And Avalanche (AVAX)?

There are many cryptos that are important, but are less commonly spoken about. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that acts as a medium of exchange, the thing about crypto is that not only is it unregulated it is also not reliant on any form of central authority. Cryptocurrency is also defined as a form of digital coins that exist on a blockchain (decentralized and distributed ledger). Instead of talking about the most popular cryptocurrencies, this article will cover 3 of the less spoken about, but still important cryptocurrencies.

Chainlink Price Has Decreased!

ChainLink was created to support advanced smart contracts on any blockchain, they achieve this by decentralizing oracle networks which provide tamper-proof inputs, outputs and computations, it utilises the LINK token and operators to retrieve data, compute it, format it and guarantee payments from off-chain data feeds. Due to the overall market plunge the price of ChainLink has fallen, however there are other factors such as the lack of growth.

LINK Price Chart

Link Price Chart

Price Of Solana (SOL) Has Plunged BEcause Of BRC20!?

Solana is a decentralized blockchain that was built in order to enable innovative, user-friendly apps for the world. The price of Solana has been bearish for some time, with the price change being in the red since the start of day and for the past week. The recent plunge of the financial market is a major factor driving the fall in price of Solana, however there may be other factors driving this price fall, perhaps the recent fall in the price can also be attributed to the recent introduction of Bitgert BRC20 blockchain to the market, reducing the demand for Solana.

SOL Price Chart

SOL Price Chart

IOTA - Price Line Can Dissapoint Some Investors

IOTA is a form of digital currency it is a unique form of cryptocurrency as it does not feature an underlying blockchain network, it instead uses directed acylic technology. Transactions are always free, regardless of their size, IOTA is a cryptocurrency to be watched, if it capitalized on its current technology, it could eventually become market dominant. Currently the coin is underperforming and has declined in value today, the crypto market is extremely volatile as we have seen with the 2 other cryptos above, crypto prices in general seem to be on the decline.

IOTA Price Chart

IOTA Price Chart


Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Hitting One Milion Dollars!? What About (ETH/USD) Price Of Ethereum And Avalanche (AVAX)?

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