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The New Quarter (Q4) Kicked Off On A Volatile In Positive Way

No More Clothes From Zalando!? Controversial Continental (CONG)! Company Has Jumped By Over 4% (DAX) What About US Stocks?

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 21.04.2022 15:40
Not only has the earnings in the USA moving markets, but also all the news coming from Europe where Russia-Ukraine conflict persists influencing markets in various ways. The information about German Continental (CFD) restarting its factories in Russia to “protect workers” shocked many and brought on discussions. Continental (CONG) Gains Amid Controversy Technically, Continental has increased by over 4% and we wonder, if automotive companies who cooperate with the German tyres maker are going to revoke the partnerships making brands decline amid controversial decision. Continental restarts tyre making at Russian plant to protect workers https://t.co/POmwlhg41S pic.twitter.com/CChFSaNsz9 — Reuters (@Reuters) April 19, 2022 DAX (GER 40) Trades Higher Today Speaking of DAX, Continental is not the only “power source” today. Despite Continental, Sartorius (SATG_p) – a medical company and multi-branch Siemens (SIEGn) which provides various electric and electronic solutions to many markets. Read next: (XAGUSD) Price of Silver Vs. U.S Yields, Lumber and Corn Futures Dependent on Demand and Supply | FXMAG.COM Continental and Siemens Leading The Gainers’ Ranking Sartorius went for a 4.12% gain, CONG increase amounts to 4.55% and Siemens AG has risen by 4.06% over last 24 hours, but day is not over yet and these companies may fluctuate throughout next 2 hours of trading on XETRA. However, GER 40 has performed really well over last day gaining over 1.2% what can really gratify investors. Energy crisis? RWE is doing well! So which companies have lost? RWE AG (electricity) has increased over last year (+12.26%), but over last day the price has gone down by ca. 2%! HelloFresh (HFGG) investors probably feels upset as well – the company has lost -1.46% over last day. The third company which is currently below-the-line is Zalando SE known from its e-commerce brands. Read next: Unexpectedly Gold Price (XAUUSD) Falls, Canada And Chicago - Weather Makes Wheat Futures Fluctuate. The Price Of Palladium - Industrial Activity Is Taking Strain | FXMAG.COM The USA is back trading! Some news has moved the markets! Yesterday’s earnings of Tesla and Netflix has been shaping the prices from the time of announcements. But US Stocks is not only about big-tech and love brands! Read next: ECB Announcements to Possibly Tighten Monetary Policy Strengthens the Euro. EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, AUD/NZD and EUR/CHF All Increased | FXMAG.COM Netflix (NFLX) Has Begun With A Small Climb Surprisingly American Airlines shocked many with its earnings putting the stock price really, really high. The gain has amounted to ca. 10% and the commentary by the company’s CEO, Robert Isom is definitely worth a watch as he elaborates not only on the AAL revenue, but also on masks and post-COVID travelling. Rocking and Dancing Tesla Naturally opening Tesla factory in Berlin was a great reason to dance so we expect that the office of Elon Musk is like a danceroom right now as the stock price keeps high levels after yesterday’s evening release of the earnings. Tesla Stock Price (TSLA) Impressive AT&T AT&T earnings almost amounted to the forecast presented by Investing.com team in their insightful Earnings Calendar and the stock price has increased in premarket, so watch it closely throughout the day. Source/Data: Investing.com, TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
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Cheap Netflix!? CEO Supporting The Idea Of Ads To Heal (NFLX) Which Plunges In Premarket? Earnings Report Changes Investors’ Minds! What About Crude Oil?

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 20.04.2022 09:37
We cannot believe one of the most popular company has decreased by almost 25%. Even if the earnings are not “significantly” lower than the forecast prepared by Investing.com, the amount of subscribers who fled amid Russia-Ukraine conflict is shocking. As our team informed this morning the decrease amounts to 700 thousands! Netflix (NFLX) Earnings – What caused the drop? Our team reviewed the report. According to Netflix’s Letter To Shareholders: Second, in addition to our 222m paying households, we estimate that Netflix is being shared with over 100m additional households, including over 30m in the UCAN region. Account sharing as a percentage of our paying membership hasn’t changed much over the years, but, coupled with the first factor, means it’s harder to grow membership in many markets - an issue that was obscured by our COVID growth. The Query: How To Get Cheaper Netflix Will Finally Get The Answer? According to CNBC and Netflix's CEO, growth could be resumed and accelerated by introducing advertisements to Netflix what sound really interesting both for market and users. Article on Crypto: Altcoins Showing Promising Growth - Take a Look at Solana (SOL), POLKADOT (DOT) and SHIBA INU (SHIB-USD)| FXMAG.COM Netflix (NFLX) Chart (TSLA) Tesla Earnings Coming Shortly! How will it influence S&P 500 and Nasdaq? We’re awaiting market open and let you know! In the meantime we’re discussing the outlook of companies which are about to release their earnings. Today, we’re awaiting announcements of i.a. Procter&Gamble (PG), Tesla (TSLA) and Danone (DANOY) to publish the figures. Read next: (UKOIL) Brent Crude Oil Spikes to Highest Price For April, (NGAS) Natural Gas Hitting Pre-2008 Prices, Cotton Planting Has Begun (USOIL) Crude Oil Price Ahead Of Crude Oil Inventories Over last 5 days the price of crude oil has been trading really, really high, inching $110 level inspiring analysts to prepare forecasts for the near future. A prediction we find crucial is the one JPMorgan: *OIL MAY HIT $185 IF EU BANS ALL RUSSIAN OIL IMMEDIATELY: JPM$CL_F #OOTT — Investing.com (@Investingcom) April 19, 2022 Crude Oil Chart shows a 2% decrease gained over last 5 days. Today we haven’t heard of any shocking news coming from the eastern Europe according the Russia-Ukraine War. Crude Oil Price Chart: Source/Data: Investing.com Earnings Calendar, Investing.com Economic Calendar, CNBC, IR.NETFLIX.COM, TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy Of TradingView.com
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French Election: Dear Le Pen And Macron, Which Way The Markets Will Go? DAX (GER 40) Trades Ca. 1% Lower!, IBEX35 Is Pausing, S&P 500 Trades Ca. 1% Higher!? (NAS 100) NASDAQ Full Of Earnings-Publishers!

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 19.04.2022 14:51
Volatility is the key word of markets today. There are not many important indicators printed, but geopolitics influence markets noticeably. Crude Oil inventories is released today and according to Investing.com it’s predicted, that if Russian gas is banned immediately by the EU, the price could rise to $185! DAX (GER40) - Volkswagen, Continental And BMW Impress! Three automotive companies are doing really, really well today as all of them gained above 1% over last 24 hours. What to come? We can somehow predict that Daimler will go up in the “gainers ranking” as there’s another car teased by Mercedes recently. #GIMSNEWS | @MercedesBenz is consolidating its position among luxury EVs manufacturers. This is the #EQS SUV, which is 5.125 m long and can accommodate up to 7 passengers. Engine outputs go from 265 to 400 kW (360 to 544 PS) and the WLTP range is announced from 507 to 660 km. pic.twitter.com/lKN3zryfzG — Geneva International Motor Show (@GimsSwiss) April 19, 2022 As we see DAX has been really volatile today losing and adding much throughout the day. However, despite the two noticeable moves the price was gradually going up for last two hours. We will see what will the next part of French election and the Russia-Ukraine bring to the state of this well-known index, where companies like Adidas, Daimler, BMW and Deutsche Bank (which has decreased last week) are included. IBEX35 – We’re Back! Ahead Of French Election – Emanuel Macron vs. Marine LePen! The Spanish index has been below-the-line for some today, but as the chart show it’s back in the game trading near 0% level. What’s next? As we wrote before, the second round of French election is coming. France decides where to go in the near future on April 24th so watch markets next week! Article on Crypto: Altcoins Showing Promising Growth - Take a Look at Solana (SOL), POLKADOT (DOT) and SHIBA INU (SHIB-USD)| FXMAG.COM What's up Twitter Stock Price (TWTR)? Twitter is one of the most trending topics recently. All the commentaries of Elon Musk has influenced the price of the stock. S&P 500 Trades Ca. 1% Higher! Let’s go NASDAQ! Fifty Third (FITB) has published its earnings already and they’re quite similar to the forecast of Investing.com, so don’t expect significant fluctuations. If someone ask me about volatility-maker which for now, I would point the Iridium (IRDM) and Lockheed Martin (LMT) which earnings reports exceeded or subceeded the expectations. So the earnings probably helped the index to open quite higher. Tomorrow is the day as well - Tesla (TSLA) and Procter&Gamble will release their earnings! What Will Earnings Bring On? J&J Done, Awaiting Netflix (NFLX) And IBM! There are two popular and major brands publishing their Q1 reports today. Netflix (NFLX) banned access to its platform in Russia, so we may predict that many subscribers are not there anymore. IBM serves many IT solutions around the world and as the Russia-Ukraine conflict escalated and became a “no.1 market mover”, it’s possible the company’s income had changed amid ongoing war. However, we’ll have to wait some time for the news about these two companies and the outlook for indices as earnings of IBM and NFLX are released after market hours. Let’s stay tuned! Read next: (UKOIL) Brent Crude Oil Spikes to Highest Price For April, (NGAS) Natural Gas Hitting Pre-2008 Prices, Cotton Planting Has Begun Johnson&Johnson (J&J) Is Here For US Indices Johnson&Johnson, yes, that company you know from your children’s bathub published their earnings and according to Investing.com Earnings Calendar the results are quite similar as the predictions were so we may suppose the market has already discounted this one.
Price Of Gold (XAUUSD) Hitting $3000!? Gold almost reached $2000! Russia-Ukraine Conflict Doesn’t Hold Back. Will The Price Of Gold Go Any Higher?

Price Of Gold (XAUUSD) Hitting $3000!? Gold almost reached $2000! Russia-Ukraine Conflict Doesn’t Hold Back. Will The Price Of Gold Go Any Higher?

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 18.04.2022 18:24
According to Reuters, Lviv has been attacked today and some people were killed what brings out another increase of prices around the world. Of course the safe haven has risen as well and we’re wondering what will be this week’s high of the yellow precious metal. Price Of Gold To Rise Further? Today’s price is as high as it was in March - the precious metal is back soaring, but it’s not sure, how long will the bullish trend last. As we see gold has been trading that high a few times in the last 3 months. The first appearance of definitely bullish gold is the beginning of the warfare so February 24th and March 8th when it was known, that negotiations didn’t took us to Russia-Ukraine ceasefire. Related article: Deutsche Bank Shook DAX! French Election, Inflation And ECB Are Factors Which Shaped DAX (GER 40), CAC40, FTSE 100 And IBEX35 - Top Gainers, Top Losers   Fed To Put The Gold Price Down!? Another factor which has been shaping price of gold over last months is Fed of course. Interest rate was raised by 100bps and hawkish rhetoric may suggest the tightening is not over! The influence of monetary policy is visible on the chart on the left hand side as on January 26th the interest rate was kept on the level of 0.25% and then on March 16th when the huge rate hike was “applied”. Article on Crypto: Hot Topic - NEAR Protocol! Terra (LUNA) has been seeing a consistent downward price trend, DAI Should Stay Close To $1   Price Of Gold (XAUUSD) – 3 Months Chart Source/Data: Reuters, Investing.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
For What It Is Worthy To Pay Attention Next Week 23.01-29.01

(USOIL) Crude Oil Price Crisis!? Fed To Boost (USD) US Dollar? UK Inflation Rate Surprised Many This Week, What About The Following One? Economic Calendar by FXMAG.COM

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 16.04.2022 17:59
Today, tomorrow and on Monday many countries around the world celebrate Easter. Friday was a day free for many stock markets and banks too. As we wrote yesterday forex market was live so we may say it had some time to stock (sic!) up. The following week is going bring many news and next proves of hawkish rhetoric of Fed, ECB and BoE. Monday – Going East – Chinese GDP On Monday many, many countries – Germany, Italy Spain, Australia and more has a day free. Only in China, very early in the morning GDP and Industrial Production are printed. Previously Gross Domestic Product amounted to 4%. Another indicator released at 3 a.m. – Industrial Production hit 7.5% previously. Related article: Deutsche Bank Shook DAX! French Election, Inflation And ECB Are Factors Which Shaped DAX (GER 40), CAC40, FTSE 100 And IBEX35 - Top Gainers, Top Losers Tuesday – RBA Meeting Minutes – NZD/USD To Plunge Again!? It’s good to have a look at RBA Meeting Minutes in the morning. The document will be released at 2:30 a.m. and may let us prepare NZD rate prediction. At 1:30 p.m. we focus on the data coming from the USA. Building Permits release previously amounted to 1.865M. This indicator let us diagnose the real estate market in the United States. Wednesday - Crude Oil Price To Skyrocket!? CAD/USD And NZD/USD May Fluctuate! First release of the day is Chinese PBoC Loan Prime Rate which takes place at 2:15 a.m. Previously this indicator amounted to 3.7%. At 1:30 p.m. you better follow CAD/USD and other pairs with Canadian dollar as Core CPI may shake the rate. Indicator amounted to 0.8% previous time. Later in the afternoon investors should follow the release of Existing Home Sales (6.02M) and, what’s most important – Crude Oil Inventories. ON April 13th Crude Oil Inventories hit 9.382M! Very late in the afternoon we focus on New Zealand where CPI (Q1) is released. Let’s follow NZD forex pairs then. Thursday – Huge Gain Of US Dollar Index (DXY) Amid Hawkish Fed!? Follow Euro To US Dollar (EUR/USD) and GBP/USD Fluctuations! What Will BoE And ECB Do? Naturally next Fed decision is made in May, but before it happens we all stay updated with the current Fed rhetoric expressed by i.a. Jerome Powell who speaks at 6 p.m. on Thursday. What’s more it’s going to be a really, really market moving day as alongside Powell, BoE’s Bailey and ECB’s Lagarde speaks as well! Additionally, at 10 a.m. the EU CPI is released. After the recent interest rate decision ECB’s rhetoric is definitely worth a follow! Article on Crypto: Hot Topic - NEAR Protocol! Terra (LUNA) has been seeing a consistent downward price trend, DAI Should Stay Close To $1 Friday – GBP/USD To Plunge!? UK Manufacturing PMI Release And BoE’s Lagarde Speaks Again The following week ends with some important releases. We begin with UK Retail sales, Manufacturing PMI, Services PMI and German Manufacturing PMI. In the afternoon Canadian Core Retail Sales (2.5%) is released. The day ends with ECB’s and BoE’s representatives’ testimonies. Source/Data: Investing.com Economic Calendar
Deutsche Bank Shook DAX! French Election, Inflation And ECB Are Factors Which Shaped DAX (GER 40), CAC40, FTSE 100 And IBEX35 - Top Gainers, Top Losers

Deutsche Bank Shook DAX! French Election, Inflation And ECB Are Factors Which Shaped DAX (GER 40), CAC40, FTSE 100 And IBEX35 - Top Gainers, Top Losers

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 15.04.2022 21:06
What a week! Today, holidays dominated many markets. Indices like DAX, CAC40 and IBEX35 weren’t live, but Forex market has been trading all day. Having said so, don’t hesitate to have a look at the analysis by Rebecca published earlier today and my yesterday’s indices analysis. Today we focus on top gainers and losers this week. GER 40 0.7% Below-the-line! French Election News Drives DAX? Beginning of the week was quite calm for the German index, but as some official and not so official news about French election went public, GER 40 plunged. Is it a worry caused by two different visions of France as a part of the EU in the near future? As we read and wrote several times recently – the meaning of integrity with the European Union may be changed if Marine LePen becomes the president of France. Related article: (USOIL) Crude Oil Price Crisis!? Fed To Boost (USD) US Dollar? UK Inflation Rate Surprised Many This Week, What About The Following One? Economic Calendar by FXMAG.COM Airbus (AIRG), Brenntag (BNRGn) and (MTXGn) MTU Aero Jumps! What Is Brenntag? Top three gainers of GER 40 were Airbus, Brenntag and MTU Aero. Well-known Airbus has been flying (sic!) high gaining ca. 2.6% as Brenntag did. Brenntag is a company linked with chemicals and their processing. Naturally, MTU Aero provides aerospace products. Feel free to leave a comment on the trigger of a 2.43% increase this week. Eurofins Scientific, Dassault And Kering Plunged Ranging Decreases Of 3-4%! These three companies are really tempting as they represent three different branches! Eurofins Scientific (EUFI) is linked with… science of course, Dassault (DAST) provides IT solutions and Kering (PRTP) has some premium brands in its portfolio. Article on Crypto: Hot Topic - NEAR Protocol! Terra (LUNA) has been seeing a consistent downward price trend, DAI Should Stay Close To $1 Is CAC40 In Crisis!? FCHI - the most vigilant French election observer Naturally CAC40 had its downs this week. French election news made FCHI decrease several times, but despite the problems CAC40 finished the week almost 0.7% above-the-line. What’s more French index was close to switch to Easter vibes with 1% gain, but as we see below, the price line retracted. No, Louis Vuitton (LVMH)! You’re not the winner this time! Arcelor Mittal notes a ca. 10% increase! Few days ago we had a look at Louis Vuitton and other French companies which have performed really well, but who topped the weekly top gainers ranking yesterday? It was Arcelor Mittal, company linked with mining and commodities who gained the most. The price of Arcelor Mittal went up by 7.85% overtaking Thales (+7.1%) and AXA (AXAF) (+4.8%). Source/Data: Investing.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
The New Quarter (Q4) Kicked Off On A Volatile In Positive Way

DAX, EUR/GBP And EUR/USD Recovered Thanks To ECB Interest Rate Decision!? European Central Bank Makes European Indices Gain

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 14.04.2022 16:23
It’s not easy time for Europe’s residents and European Central Bank’s decision makers. Ongoing war in the Ukraine with foreseen, intensified warfare and consequences of COVID-19 pandemic influenced economics of many countries. Naturally, the charts show that DAX and CAC40 trade higher than before the outbreak of the virus. To me, it only supports the thesis all mentioned events stopped European indices, companies and countries from growing much, much further. Emphatic European Central Bank (ECB) Let Economies Recover And Stay Strong? Since 2016 the ECB interest rate has amounted to 0%. Having in mind all the events which took place throughout last six years it seems to had been a correct decision. Coronavirus crisis influenced countries despite their economic status so tighter monetary policy would have weaken the euro and equities even further. But… Related article: ECB Interest Rate Decision Is Coming! European Indices (DAX, CAC40) To Plunge Or Rise? What About Forex Pairs? Inflation Is Taking Its Toll! Although the Russia-Ukraine warfare is still there and negotiations don’t seem to be working and stimulus for markets is highly demanded, the inflation is gaining momentum around the world. ECB is trapped in. These two contradictory factors may make decision makers confused, but let’s have a look how have markets reacted to today’s monetary policy statement of ECB. Forex: EUR/GBP Chart Shows Consequent Move Of The Price Strengthening of euro or weakening of British pound is driven by i.a. inflation data coming from the United Kingdom. The news coming from the UK in past months weren’t so optimistic as the inflation hit 30-year-high. EUR/GBP Chart Forex: EUR/USD influenced by both – ECB interest rate decision, war and Fed’s rhetoric As the week is coming to the end we see how many factors shaped the rates of certain currencies. This week’s inflation data of USA and the release of crude oil inventories make the asset quite volatile. Yeah… The right hand side… That’s a drop! EUR/USD Chart DAX Regained After Trading Lower Yesterday’s Morning Significant, ca. 2% decrease is almost compensated. DAX (GER40) Chart CAC40 Is Heading To A 1% Gain French index has been more aggressive until now. Today’s opening gain brought some optimism to investors. CAC40 Chart Source/Data: Investing.com, TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy Of TradingView.com
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Shocking! Elon Musk To Acquire Twitter (TWTR)!? What About Tesla (TSLA)? Will He Swap The Company For Twitter!? Who Owns Tesla Now!?

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 14.04.2022 12:30
Is it possible that Elon Musk will acquire Twitter!? It's not the first time Tesla's CEO is shocking the world and the markets with his "shopping" plans. Firstly Elon Musk had become the largest share holder, then rejected joining the board and today, according to Investing.com...  âš ï¸ÂBREAKING: *ELON MUSK SAYS OFFERING TO BUY 100% OF TWITTER FOR $54.20 PER SHARE IN CASH$TWTR pic.twitter.com/QRXUxGDE0C — Investing.com (@Investingcom) April 14, 2022 Look at this! (TWTR) Twitter Stock Price Has Jumped in Premarket! TWTR Stock Price is influenced by many factors - fluctuations are caused by i.a. Elon Musk rhetoric and market moves. The most significant were acquiring ca. 9% of Twitter's stake and then rejecting to become a member of board. What's more, Twitter has been commented by Elon Musk before. Eg. he was wondering if Twitter "is dying" showing the statistics of most popular accounts' activity: Most of these “top” accounts tweet rarely and post very little content. Is Twitter dying? https://t.co/lj9rRXfDHE — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 9, 2022  Twitter Stock Price Chart (TWTR) What about Tesla (TSLA)? It has decreased! What Will Happen On The Market Opening? Tesla had its ups and down throughout last five days. The brand is definitely growing and recently opened manufacture in Germany will surely make the price go up even further. Elon Musk published the link to the offer he made What will be the next targets of famous inventor? Which companies are in interest of Tesla's CEO? I made an offer https://t.co/VvreuPMeLu — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 14, 2022   Source/Data: Investing.com, TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
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ECB Interest Rate Decision Is Coming! European Indices (DAX, CAC40) To Plunge Or Rise? What About Forex Pairs?

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 13.04.2022 23:59
Inflation in the US and Great Britain hits high levels and everybody is working hard to handle it. Tightening of monetary policy, hawkish rhetoric and other means are used to tackle one of the most significant problem of today’s world. Today’s news? The US PPI (MoM) hit 1.4% and crude oil inventories didn’t help USOIL to go down. Tomorrow is going to influence European indices as ECB releases its long-awaited interest rate decision. The announcement takes place at 12:45 p.m. tomorrow. Undoubtedly loose monetary policy has helped DAX, CAC40 and IBEX35 many times before As we see on the charts ECB was hawkish many years ago. However, the monetary policy has been loosen several times to finally become a “neutral” one. ECB interest rate amounts to 0% right now and the last time the key rate got higher was 2016. Since then DAX (below) has been stimulated by loose monetary policy. Related article: UK Inflation: The increase has deepened the cost of living crisis in the UK DAX (GER 40) Has Gained Ca. 180% Over Last 24 years Similar dynamics are seen on CAC40 Chart. The Price Was Influenced By COVID-19 significantly Taking last ca. 20 years into consideration IBEX35 is the only index of presented which is below-the-line. Of course, the index was supported by ECB, but unfortunately one of the most popular Spanish index is not able to reach levels from 2008 before the global crisis caused by Lehman Brothers collapse. Source and Data: Investing.com, TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
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Indices: French CAC40 (FCHI) Has Decreased By 10% Over Last 3 Months! Spanish IBEX35 (IBEX) Has Performed Better “Only” -2% Gain

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 12.04.2022 21:39
Yes, everybody follows French election. Not only it’s important for the certain companies, but also for whole indices. One of the most popular – CAC40 performs well recently, but taking 3M chart into consideration… Geopolitics is in charge surely, tensions between Ukraine and Russia transformed into a warfare and finally, into a Russia vs. the rest of world influencing many countries’ economics. In France it’s combined with ongoing election where the two candidates Emanuel Macron and Marine LePen who represent two different visions of France in the future and its correlations with the European Union. Related article: ECB To Shock Markets In The Following Week!? US Dollar Rate Under Pressure As Well! What is the future of CAC40? CAC40 Chart As we see 10% loss isn’t that bad as the vision of ca. 20% loss could have been. CAC40 Chart IBEX35 has performed quite well despite all the factors. The worst moment of the IBEX35 was the beginning of March. March 7th didn’t bring any positive information on negotiations and crude oil price hit the highest price since 2008. French and Spanish hitting their 3 month lows is not a big surprise then. At that time IBEX35 has been almost 16% below-the-line. IBEX35 Chart CAC40 Daily – Arcelor Mittal (MT), Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and Thales (TCFP) leading the top gainers chart According to Investing.com Arcelor Mital (MT) gained the most over last day of trading. The mining company increased 2.27%. Brand known by more probably – Louis Vuitton (LVMH) – went up by 1.77%. The last of top 3 companies today is Thales (TCFP). This multisector company gained 1.67%. Analysis: Gold prices (XAUUSD) increase inlight of the U.S. announcing their new inflation rate - Chart Of The Day By FXMAG.COM IBEX35 Daily – Repsol (REP), Telefonica (TEF) and Arcelor Mittal (MTS) Repsol – energy company performed really well today gaining 3.36%. Communication company Telefonica is also 3% higher. Arcelor Mittal which dominated the list of CAC40 gainers impressed analytics in Spain as well increasing by 2.32% Source and Data: NPR, Investing.com, TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
Pairs With Dollar (USD) And Pound (GBP) To Be Shaken Shortly!? Let’s Follow EURUSD, USDCAD And GBPUSD!

Pairs With Dollar (USD) And Pound (GBP) To Be Shaken Shortly!? Let’s Follow EURUSD, USDCAD And GBPUSD!

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 12.04.2022 12:40
Today US Core CPI and EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook are released, tomorrow it’s time to print UK CPI and the US PPI and crude oil inventories. What’s more, tomorrow’s afternoon Bank of Canada interest rate decision is released as well and many investors and economists await these announcement. It’s a very, very hot week as one day before holiday for many countries ECB interest rate decision goes public. It’s going to be a really tempting end of the working week! Firstly, let’s see how has EUR/USD fluctuated recently USD keeps going, yields are rising and the ECB decision is crucial considering next moves of the pair, as we have to wait longer for the next Fed’s announcement till the middle of May. EURUSD Chart USDCAD – Bank of Canada to raise the interest rate? As Investing.com predicts a rate hike, tightening of BoC’s monetary policy could help the Canadian dollar even if it’s quite strong right now even gaining in a long term. Monthly chart shows a noticeable strengthening of 1%. However, mentioned gain is a reduced value as a few days ago USD/CAD has been trading almost 3% lower. USDCAD Chart GBPUSD – A Storm Incoming? Daily chart shows a real volatility! GBP has strengthened and weakened few times already and the moves have become more dynamic recently as you see on the right hand side. The US CPI is released today and UK CPI and the US PPI go public on Wednesday so expect high volatility to persist and investors to change their minds really rapidly. GBPUSD Chart Data/Source: Investing.com, TradingView.com Charts: TradingView.com
ECB To Shock Markets In The Following Week!? US Dollar Rate Under Pressure As Well!

ECB To Shock Markets In The Following Week!? US Dollar Rate Under Pressure As Well!

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 08.04.2022 09:38
Although it’s easter coming and Friday, April 14th is a day free for many banks, the rest of the week will make investors and economists really focused. There is a lot of events to follow. European Central Bank, Reserve Bank of New Zealand and Bank of Canada release their interest rates as i.a. United Kingdom and the United States release their inflation data. Monday – United Kingdom The first day of the week won’t make us exhausted, but we’re going to be sleepy most probably. Release of Manufacturing Production (MoM) takes place at 7 a.m. This indicator previously amounted to 0.8% Tuesday – UK, Germany, USA After not so shocking Monday, the week lets it go. United Kingdom – in the morning, at 7 a.m. Average Earnings Index +Bonus is known. At the same time Clamaint Count Change goes public. Three hours later we focus on German ZEW Economic Sentiment (-39.3). Shortly after midday, at 1:30 p.m., the US Core CPI is presented. Wednesday – Bank of Canada - interest rate decision You better don’t fall asleep on Tuesday! At 2 a.m. on Wednesday RBNZ interest rate decision is released. Current one amounts to 1% 5 hours later we go back to United Kingdom to meet CPI (YoY) indicator and PPI of the United States. Probably the most interest event of the day takes place at 3 p.m. At this time Bank of Canada reveal its monetary policy move. Will be 0.5% interest rate raised? Thursday – ECB Interest Rate Decision Thursday is a day free for Indian people, but the rest of the world share important data. At 2:30 a.m. Australian Employment Change is released. Previously this one amounted to 77.4K. Shortly after midday all eyes on the European Union! Deposit Facility Rate and Interest Rate Decision are released at 12:45 p.m. and going to influence markets around the world. At 1:30 p.m. it’s time for US Core Retail Sales (0.2%) and Retail Sales (0.3%) to go public. Source/Data: Investing.com Economic Calendar
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Zloty You Poor Thing! Greenback Is Supported By Fed’s, DXY Has Gained 7%! What About ECB!?

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 07.04.2022 16:17
Markets never sleep and never rest. They’re all time influenced by all these tightening, hawks and doves. COVID has impacted all of us two years ago and some countries are still fighting consequences of the crisis. Over a month ago we have started another part of history which hasn’t been full of warfare and we may say conflicts “like” this one between Russia and Ukraine. Charts: courtesy of TradingView.com Measures to fight crisis and inflation Rising prices of the most important commodities like crude oil, nickel, wheat, gas and many, many more triggered national banks to fight inflation. Many banks around the world have become hawkish like never before. All of major banks raised their interest rates. Bank of England, Fed ECB – they all decided to tighten monetary policy or apply hawkish rhetoric as proper departments of i.a. the USA and the EU imposed sanctions on Russia what obviously pulled the prices to very high levels or even ATHs. Duels of currencies – Greenback “stronger than ever”? We have followed recent events around the world. Yesterday’s FOMC Meeting Minutes, National Bank of Poland’s interest rate decision and today’s ECB Meeting Minutes are shaping the markets at the moment. Dollar Index shows an impressive performance of USD. DXY has gained over 7% over last year. However, EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs show other currencies are fine too. USDPLN (5D) – Zloty, do something! Every currency is or is going to be supported by proper institutions and there are serious duels coming. Unfortunately not every currency is so ‘open’ for monetary policy tightening. Even a 100bps raise of the NBP’s interest rate hasn’t helped zloty to keep its rate on a proper level. As we see on the chart fluctuations are there and zloty showed a “sample” of its abilities…, but it was like time-limited demo version. Dollar feels really well this time, next rate hikes are expected and situation in the eastern Europe keeps influencing PLN. Let’s have a look at other forex pairs. British pound has strengthened recently – look at this slightly smooth slide! GBPUSD (5D) – Never Ending Duels (-0.6%) EURUSD (5D) – Two strong currencies (-1.5%) Source/Data: TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
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Black Gold Plunges As Inventories Indicator Shows 2.421M. FOMC To Put US Dollar Even Higher!?

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 06.04.2022 17:04
It’s been a day full of important economic data coming from around the world. In Europe next sanctions are being discussed and Polish interest rate decision has been announced. In the USA crude oil inventories exceeded 2M and FOMC Meeting Minutes will be released shortly. Not only Minutes will influence DXY, but also rhetoric of Fed’s Harker has done. All of these events definitely influenced markets. Forex pairs fluctuated and commodities are triggered. Throughout the day crude oil has been trading quite high, over 2% higher. The closer crude oil inventories has been, the lower the price gone. 24H chart shows a rebound on the right hand side followed by another drop which is probably caused by Fed’s rhetoric and crude oil inventories indicator. Crude Oil Price Chart – 24 hours FOMC Meeting Minutes and Fed’s members rhetoric can make markets really volatile. Some fluctuations were highlighted by Investing.com. Stock markets may plunge further if the rhetoric to persist throughout the month. The next interest rate decision release takes place on May 4th. US Dollar Index – DXY – 24 hours If dollar strengthens some may say Bitcoin plunges. This time they’re right. It’s ca. 3.5% down and two significant drops are visible on the chart. The first one was noticed in the morning, and another one after Harker’s testimony. Bitcoin Price Chart – 24 hours Source/Data: Investing.com, TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
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Who Wants To Buy Dogecoin Now? It Has Gained 10%! Elon Musk-Twitter Announcement Vibes? Top Charts Today By FXMAG.COM

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 04.04.2022 15:15
There are many charts which heat the markets today! After the release of breaking news that Elon Musk extends its shares Twitter has rocketed! Pre-market performance of Twitter is outstanding as it has gained 25%! A friend of Elon which is DOGE (Dogecoin) is having a good time as well. Some time after the news release it has jumped ca. 10% What a day! Russia-Ukraine topping headlines, next sanctions to come? Let's have a look at the charts (courtesy of TradingView.com). Dogecoin, Tesla and TWTR are not the  only ones we want to highlight today. There were many important releases the previous week and the new one has begun shocking the markets with all of commentaries according to still remaining Russia-Ukraine conflict, sanctions and economic indicators around the world. What about currencies and Forex pairs? As we wrote in the Economic Calendar there are a lot of announcements and events which will afect the exchange rates of many currencies. In the US Crude Oil Inventories indicator is released shortly and e.g. in Poland, which is affected by many reccession factors interest rate is about to be fixed in the middle of the week. Dogecoin Chart - Daily Dynamics of DOGE weren't that dynamic (sic!) until the time of the shocking news release. Tesla Stock Price Chart - Daily Tesla has decreased a bit, let's see how the price of its stock will develop throughout the day. What about Forex pairs? GBP/USD investor may have mixed feelings as the chart shows volatility over last 24 hours. Near midday there was a significant drop which put GBPUSD bewlo the line. Because of that many investors wonder what will rhetoric of BoE and Fed bring to forex market. GBPUSD Chart - Daily Twitter (TWTR) Stock Price Chart - Daily Twitter stock price rallied after breaking news about Elon Musk.  Source/Data: TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
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GBP Loses! EUR Gains! NFP (Non Farm Payrolls) Is Released And We Know How Have Forex Pairs Reacted To This Week's Events!

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 01.04.2022 23:37
It was another week full of events, geopolitical news and economic indicators releases. As the Forex pairs charts show the fluctuation weren’t always slight and developed an interesting outlook ahead of April which has just begun. EUR/USD gained over 0.5% Let’s begin with EUR/USD. Of course this pair is significantly affected by the slowly ceasing (?) conflict between Russia and Ukraine. As we can see on the chart there was a huge rise on Tuesday as the tensions were reported to loose its momentum. Cease fire has been said to come shortly and this optimism seems to had remained till the end of the week. There’s no doubt today’s fluctuations were caused by the release of NFP. The following week’s FOMC Meeting Minutes will surely let us have a closer look of dollar’s rate future. EUR/GBP gained ca. 1.1% EUR has been fighting all the week to finally beat British pound. It seems that the single currency needs to be triggered, but only a little, to rise significantly. Naturally these supporters were positive news about cease fire in the eastern Europe. In the following week BoE’s Bailey speaks and we can expect that it will be an introduction to next monetary policy decisions. USD/CHF – Swiss franc strengthened… The beginning of the week wasn’t so optimistic for CHF. Before the news coming from Ukraine it was losing the fight with dollar. The situation got better after positive news about possible cease fire. USD/PLN – Zloty feels good Poland lies close to the area where the conflict takes place. Because of corelations and other factors Polish zloty was hit several times. After tightening of monetary policy (next decisions to come shortly) and optimistic signals from Ukraine zloty strenghthened again gaining 1.6% over the week. Source/Data: TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com
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Exhange Rate GBP To INR And Crude Oil Price To Plunge This Week!? Bank Of England – Interest Rate Decision Ahead - Economic Calendar By FXMAG.COM

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 01.04.2022 16:15
Another week is near and we focus on all major economic events in the week 04/04-8/04/22. There are some releases we should highlight and these are, among others, Australian Retail Sales (MoM) (1.6%), RBA Interest Rate Decision and US Crude Oil Inventories. There are also important events to follow on Friday as Reserve Bank Of India announces its interest rate decision. Monday – Chinese rest, Australians meets Retail Sales, Bank Of England’s Bailey Testifies On Monday there is Ching Ming Festival in China so there are no economic events in this country on April 4th. Countries which we should observe are Australia and Great Britain. In Australia, at 2:30 a.m. Retail Sales is released (prev. 1.6%). Heading to Great Britain, five past ten speaks BoE’s Bailey so expect some hints about incoming monetary policy statement. Tuesday – another day of Chinese Holiday, RBA decides on Interest Rate, Great Britain releases Composite and Services PMI In Australia, very early in the morning RBA Interest Rate Decision release and RBA Rate Statement go public. Current interest rate of this country amounts to 0.1% (!) Four hours later it’s time to visit Great Britain again this week as Composite PMI and Services PMI are announced. At 3 p.m. we move to USA to get acquainted with the ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (56.5). Wednesday – US Crude Oil Inventories indicator is here The great day begins with GB Construction PMI released at 9:30 a.m. In the afternoon we travel to North America for the announcement of Canadian Ivey PMI Release planned for 3 p.m. Half an hour later the time comes – we get acquainted with Crude Oil Inventories (prev. -3.449M). In the evening a sneak peak of the next monetary policy statement goes public as FOMC Meeting Minutes are released. Friday – GBP To INR Might May Change! As mentioned - Reserve Bank of India releases its interest rate decision on Friday. The current one amounts to 4% and a change will affect GBP To INR exchange rate. In the afternoon it’s good to follow news from Canada. At 1:30 p.m. Employment Change of this country goes public (prev. 336.6K) Source/Data: Investing.com Economic Calendar
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Releases This Week: Australian Retail Sales, US Crude Oil Inventories And Nonfarm Payrolls – Economic Calendar By FXMAG.COM – 29/03-1/04/22

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 28.03.2022 17:13
So Monday has been a silent prologue to the week which is packed with loads of releases from around the world. In the following days the EU Retail Sales, US Crude Oil Inventories And Initial Job Claims Go Public. What’s highlighted among mentioned? Chinese Manufacturing PMI, the US Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate. Tuesday At 1:30 a.m. Retail Sales (MoM) indicator is released. The previous value hit 1.8%. In the afternoon we should follow the US releases so the CB Consumer Confidence and JOLTs Job Openings published at 3 p.m. Wednesday The day ‘begins’ quite late as ADP Nonfarm Employment Change is released at 1:15 p.m. This indicator previously amounted to 475K. Fifteen minutes later it’s time for two indicators: GDP (prev. 7%) and highly awaited Crude Oil Inventories releases which takes place at 3:30 p.m. Thursday Don’t fall asleep or wake up early on Thursday! At night (2:30 a.m. Chinese Manufacturing PMI goes public). At 7 a.m. British GDP is released followed by German Unemployment Change release almost two hours later. At 1:30 there are two indicators published – the US Initial Jobless Claims (187K) and Canadian GDP (0%) Friday The last working day of the week seems so be a long day. There are nine major releases planned beginning with Japanese Tankan Large Manufacturers and Non-Manufacturers Indices (Q1) presented at 0:50 a.m. Quarter to 3 a.m. it’s time for the release of Caixin Manufacturing PMI. We can have a nap afterwards as the next important announcement takes place at 8:55 a.m. Half past nine British Manufacturing PMI (55.5) is released followed by the EU CPI (YoY) (5.9%) half an hour later. At 1:30 p.m. in the US two indicators are released – Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate. The week ends with ISM Manufacturing PMI released at 3 p.m. Data/Source: Investing.com Economic Calendar Time: GMT+1
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Natural Gas Price Rises As Triggered By Putin’s Rhetoric That He Will ‘Demand Rouble Gas Payments’

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 24.03.2022 12:47
According to Investing.com Russia could require gas payment in roubles what clearly affects both Forex pairs (e.g. EUR/RUB) and natural gas price (TTF) which has increased by 31%. What’s more MOEX is back to the game after such a long break. Some companies have gained significantly already and many would like to know what’s ahead. Generally speaking Russian currency and Russia-associated markets are really volatile at the moment and there are many assets to watch in the following days. Let’s begin with natural gas price. Obviously monthly chart (yes, it’s been one month since the warfare started) shows the fluctuations caused by the start of invasion which took place on February 24th We may say that the true rise came few days later, as negotiations of cease-fire haven’t changed a thing and sanctions have begun to impact the markets. Further developments containing some signals of a ceasefire appeared not to coincide with the reality heading price of natural gas to a next rise. Natural Gas Price Chat (TTF) – monthly 24/02-23/03 - +31% Natural Gas Price Chart (TTF) Daily 22-23/03/22 +18.5% Russian Roubel (RUB) – Forex Charts +11% Monthly chart shows a huge decline and strengthening of RUB. EUR/RUB Chart - Monthly +6% EUR/RUB Chart - Daily (24h) Source/Data: Investing.com, TradingView.com Charts: Courtesy of TradingView.com  
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The Following Week: Only One (!) Interest Rate Decision, British CPI And US Crude Oil Inventories – Economic Calendar By FXMAG.COM

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 18.03.2022 19:51
After a week full of central bank’s announcement it’s time to shift down and observe ‘boring’ economic indicators. Data: courtesy of Investing.com Monday, Tuesday - Japan And South Africa Bank of Japan released its monetary policy statement the previous week. The following Monday is a day free for both Japanese and South Africa’s people. Wednesday - Great Britain, Germany And The USA On Wednesday British CPI is released (prev. 5.5%). One and a half an hour later German Manufacturing PMI goes public. After midday (12:30 p.m.) Annual Budget Release is published and followed by the releases of US New Home Sales. At 2:30 p.m. many investors might follow the release of Crude Oil Inventories. Thursday – Switzerland, Germany And The USA At 8:30 SNB Interest Rate Decision (Q1) is released. What is not so usual – the current interest rate in Switzerland amounts to… -0.75%. At the same time German Manufacturing PMI is released. Four hours later important news comes from the USA where Core Durable Goods Orders are presented (0.7%). Friday – Great Britain, Germany And The USA Friday’s morning might be important for British people as Retail Sales indicator is published. The previously announced value was 1.9%. At 9 a.m. we head to Germany for the last time the following week, because German Ifo Business Climate is released (prev. 98.9). The last important event of the week 21/03-25/03 is the US Pending Home Sales (MoM) released at 2 p.m. Source: Investing.com Economic Calendar Time: GMT
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Major Forex Pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EURGBP Affected By Interest Rates Decisions – The Week On Markets By FXMAG.COM

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 18.03.2022 19:17
Fed raised interest rate by 25bps so did Bank of England. Data shows that these events haven’t hit major Forex pairs so hard so let’s verify the theory. EUR/USD – A ca. 1.2% Gain The chart shows the week began without significant fluctuations until the Fed decision on March 16th. Immediately after the announcement of the key monetary policy indicator a huge declined stopped the strengthening Euro. The pair even neared the 2% gain level, but during the week has declined again slowly ending it near +1.2%. GBP/USD – Two announcements correlation The week hadn’t began too positively for British pound, but the following days had put GBP back on track to a ca. 1% gain after significant declines shortly after Fed and BoE decisions on accordingly Wednesday and Thursday. EUR/GBP – A ca. 1% Increased Corrected Naturally Fed’s announcement didn’t affect the single currency and British bound heavily, but the Bank of England’s fuelled EUR/GBP almost 1% jump which had been gradually corrected in the following days leaving the pair almost unchanged compared to the 14th March. USD/PLN – exotic pair with interesting outlook There’s no doubt PLN has strengthened throughout the week even if Fed announced the raise of interest rate. The stronger outlook of PLN is surely caused by the previous week’s tightening of monetary policy. EUR/PLN – PLN gained ca. 1.5% Global factors makes the pais with PLN the most interesting ones as another shows a significant loss of Euro To Polish zloty. The following week might bring next tempting fluctuations so let’s keep an eye on this pair.
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Fed Is About To Release The Decision, Bank Of England's (BoE) Turn Incoming. GBP Is In Focus As Interest Rate Is Decided

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 16.03.2022 14:08
A week of monetary policy releases is coming to an end. The following day (17/03/22) Bank Of England Releases its decision about interest rate. There are also some important data coming from the European Union and the US. What's ahead? Let's take a look at this brief commentary of the upcoming economic events around the world. Events' data: courtesy of Investing.com Australia and European Union We live in times of inflation and employment some would say. Taking that into consideration all of indicators containing 'inflation' or 'employment' arouses our interest. Having said so, don't forget to stay awake at 0:30 a.m. on Thursday as Australia has their Employment change released. If you struggle to stay awake at night, don't miss the morning releases which are ECB President Lagarde testimony at 9:30 a.m. and the publishing of EU CPI (YoY). Corporate Price Index previously amounted to 5.8%. United Kingdom Exactly at 12 o'clock (there's no better time of the day to release important data there) an important announcement takes place in the UK. At this time BoE interest rate goes public. The current one amounts to 0.5% USA Shortly after important news coming from the UK, a series of the US indicators is published. Simultanously released Bulding Permits (1.895M), Initial Jobless Claims (227K) and Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing (16.0) are ones to keep an eye on. New Zealand In New Zealand, at 9:45 p.m., the GDP (QoQ) is released. The Gross Domestic Product previously amounted to -3.7% Source: Investing.com Time: GMT  
These Releases Can Affect Dollar Index - Fed Releases Interest Rate Decision And EIA Presents Crude Oil Inventories

These Releases Can Affect Dollar Index - Fed Releases Interest Rate Decision And EIA Presents Crude Oil Inventories

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 11.03.2022 16:37
In the following week: Great Britain, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia… - these countries have their economic indicators presented. What’s mostly interesting? Tuesday Australia and China At 0.30 a.m. RBA Release Meeting Minutes, At 2 a.m. Chinese Industrial Production (YoY) goes public. Great Britain In the morning, five hours later, British Average Earnings Index +Bonus is presented. Previously it amounted to 4.3%. At the same time (7 a.m.) Claimant Count Change is released. Would it increase? Germany Germans will sleep a bit longer – ZEW Economic Sentiment is released at 10 a.m. and previously amounted to 54.3 USA The awaited release of the day is US PPI (MoM), which previously hit 1.0% Wednesday USA Wednesday is a kind of continuation of the Tuesday’s afternoon as the whole day is full of US releases. We begin with Core Retail Sales (MoM) (3.3%) followed by Retail Sales (MoM) (3.8%) and Crude Oil Inventories. In the evening Fed will finally publish Interest Rate Decision, which previously hit 0.25%. Canada and New Zealand Canadian Core CPI is released at 12:30 p.m. New Zealand’s GDP goes public late in the afternoon. Thursday Australia and Great Britain At 0:30 a.m. Australians get to know Employment Change (12.9K). In the midday BoE releases its Interest Rate Decision – previous one amounted to 0.50% The EU and the USA On Thursday European Markets investors should follow ECB President Lagarde testimony and release of EU CPI (YoY) (prev. 5.8%) What to follow in the USA? Building Permits, Initial Jobless Claims And Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index Friday Japan As monetary policy are released around the world in the following week, BoJ presents its Statement as well. Russia It’s interesting what will be the Interest Rate of Russian Central Bank as it remains conflicted with Ukraine and sanctions affect the country’s economy Canada Core Retail Sales (MoM) and US Existing Home Sales are latter indicators to be showed the following week. Source: Investing.com Time: GMT
Summarised Fluctuations Of Gold, Crude Oil, Bitcoin And Rouble Since The Russia-Ukraine War Started (with chart)

Summarised Fluctuations Of Gold, Crude Oil, Bitcoin And Rouble Since The Russia-Ukraine War Started (with chart)

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 08.03.2022 12:27
It’s been almost two weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine. Even if the first day weren’t affected by huge rises, recent days show a major lift across markets. Source: TradingView.com Nickel There are some sensational rises beginning with Nickel price which increased by over 150% what can significantly affect many branches as Nickel is used, among others, in automotive and medical industries. Gold Gold raised by ‘only’ 4%, but it trades over magic $2000 level which nears ATH of Ca. $2100 (2020). XAU is believed to be a safe-haven as tensions rise and other assets’ fluctuations scare off investors. Crude Oil – BRENT and WTI Crude Oil prices have been rising since the first sights of invasion, but hitting Ca. $130 per barrel (to put it mildly) confused both investors and drivers around the world. Generally speaking, Crude Oil price has increased by Ca. 30% since the beginning of the war. Bitcoin BTC hasn’t fluctuated much and sticks to the levels near $40k, increasing by Ca. 5% since the invasion. Russian Rouble Currency of the invader has weakened significantly – by ca. 40% as RUBUSD chart shows. It will be really hard to get the Russian currency back to the game after such decrease. MOEX Some say Russian Index (RTSI – RU50) ‘surrendered’ shortly after the invasion has started as it remains closed since 1/03. At that time RTSI had been ca. 26% higher than on the first day of the warfare. DAX (GER 40) One of the greatest European index has lost almost 10%, what shows how broad is the influence of Russia-Ukraine War. Wheat Last but (definitely) not least… Wheat price increased by over 40% as conflicted countries – Russia and Ukraine are the major suppliers of such commodities. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! Data: TradingView.com
Markets Situation In Times Of Russia Vs Ukraine, ECB Interest Rate Decision, EU Leaders Summits And US Core CPI Are Events To Watch Next Week

Markets Situation In Times Of Russia Vs Ukraine, ECB Interest Rate Decision, EU Leaders Summits And US Core CPI Are Events To Watch Next Week

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 04.03.2022 16:27
Monday seems to be a calm beginning of the week (despite the Russia-Ukraine conflict) as there’s no any major event planned. The rest of the week 7/03-11/03 will surely arouse more interest. What to follow? Have a look at Economic Calendar by FXMAG.COM Tuesday – Japan and Poland The first important indicator of the week is the Japanese GDP (QoQ) (Q4) which is released very lately on Tuesday at 11:40 p.m. The previous value – 1.3% As tensions rise, the country which lies closely to Ukraine has its currency (PLN) weakened, so the Interest Rate Decision of National Bank released on Tuesday as well is worth a look as well. Wednesday - USA On Wednesday we focus on USA, where JOLTs Job Openings (3 p.m.) and US Crude Oil Inventories (3:30 p.m.) are released. Thursday – European Union and USA Thursday is full of Europe-targeted events. According to Investing.com, at 10 a.m., EU Leaders meet at the Summit and shortly after midday ECB releases its Marginal Lending Facility its Interest Rate Decision. At 1.30 p.m. there is a Press Conference planned. The same time ECB speaks to media, US Bureau Of Labor Statistics releases Core CPI (MoM) of February which previously hit 0.6% Friday – UK, EU And Canada Who’s going to wake up early on Friday? The answer is UK Office of National Statistics which releases GDP (MoM) and Manufacturing Production (MoM) at 7 a.m. EU Leaders will rest a little longer as they meet at the another Summit at 10 a.m. According to Investing.com the latest “triple-star” event of 11/03 is the release of Employment Change indicator in Canada, which hit -200.1K in the month before. Data: Investing.com Time: GMT
Economic Calendar by FXMAG.COM – 24/02/2022 – They’re Going To Speak A Lot…

Economic Calendar by FXMAG.COM – 24/02/2022 – They’re Going To Speak A Lot…

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 23.02.2022 10:51
So, the week is coming to an end, but markets stay awake all days long. Right after midnight we’re all welcomed to join our friends from Australia in reviewing Private New Capital Expenditure (QoQ) (Q4) (Prev. -2.2%). Afterwards, at 7.30 a.m. Swiss Employment Level (Q4) will be released. Heading to Oceanic Area, India will release RBI MPC Meeting Minutes, followed by Brazilian Unemployment Rate (Prev. 11.6%) Released half an hour later. Back to Europe, shortly after midday ECB McCaul is going to declare. At 1 a.m. Russia will release their Central Bank Reserves and 15 minutes later BoE Gov Bailey is going to give a speech. At 2.40 p.m. ECB Supervisory Board Member Fernandez-Bollo is going to speak. Isabel Schnabel will take her turn more than hour later. USA – At 1.30 p.m. GDP (QoQ) (Q4) (Prev. 6.9%), GDP Price Index (Prev. 7.0%) and Initial Jobless Claims (Prev. 248K) will be released. In the same time, but in Canada, we will meet the latest Manufacturing Sales (MoM) (Prev. 0.7%). In the afternoon we will get to know US New Home Sales (MoM) and Crude Oil Inventories (Prev. 1.121M) and Cushing Crude Oil Inventories. Some would say that 24/02 is the day of speeches what is not exaggerated as FOMC Members speaks from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. We will get the Thursday ended with New Zealand’s Core Retail Sales (QoQ) (Prev. -6.7%), Retail Sales (QoQ) (Q4) (Prev. -8.1%), Trade Balance (YoY) (Jan) (Prev. -6.780M) followed by Tokyo Core CPI (YoY) (Feb) (Prev. -0.2%) and CPI Tokyo Ex Food And Energy (MoM) (Feb) (Prev. -0.3%) Source: Investing.com Tiime: GMT
Economic Calendar by FXMAG.COM - Week 21/02-25/02 - Beginning With Holiday...

Economic Calendar by FXMAG.COM - Week 21/02-25/02 - Beginning With Holiday...

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 18.02.2022 14:11
On Monday USA will Celebrate Presidents' Day so don't expect any announcement. Going North no sensation is expected as well as Canada celebrates Family Day. Altough North America Has A Long Weekend Ahead, Europe get down to business on normal basis. In Germany, German Manufacturing PMI (prev. 59.8) is going to be presented. Crossing the sea, Great Britain will release three important indicators - Composite PMI (54.2), Manufacturing PMI (57.3) And Services PMI (54.1). Amid other less significant events on 21th February, some time after midday Chinese  PBoC Loan Prime Rate (3.70%) is going to be announced. Getting momentum throught the first day of the week we will try to fuel ourselves on Tuesday by news from Germany and the USA as German Ifo Business Climate Index (prev. 95.7) and CB Consumer Confidence (113.8) is going to be released. In the middle of the week, on Wednesday, we will welcome New Zealand Interest Rate Decision (0.75%) and European CPI Y/Y (5.1%). On this day Japanese and Russian people will have a rest as they celebrate Emperor's Birthday (JP) and Defender of the Fatherland Day (RU). Heading to the end of the following week we will visit US, where GDP (QoQ) (6.9%) and New Home Sales (811K) are going to be released. On Friday German GDP (QoQ) (Q4) (-0.7%) will wake us up at 7 a.m. It is going to be followed by US Core Durable Good Orders (MoM) (0.6%) And Pending Home Sales (MoM) (-3.8%)   Source: Investing.com Tiime: GMT
Oil influences FTSE 100 as it reaches 7611 GBP, USDJPY chasing 115.00

Saudi Aramco to partner PKN Orlen

Mikołaj Marcinowski Mikołaj Marcinowski 12.01.2022 16:00
PKN Orlen makes next steps forward in its development. Some moves containing cooperation with Saudi Aramco and Hungarian company MOL has been announced. As we read on Polish company website - ORLEN.PL: ‘This is a watershed moment for the Polish fuel industry. We are about to finalise the acquisition of LOTOS Group, a deal intended to benefit the entire Polish economy, both companies involved, their respective customers, employees and shareholders. Ever since the process was launched, we have emphasised that the priority is to derive additional benefits from the merger remedies, and we have achieved just that. If the merger is followed through, it would provide an opportunity to ensure supplies to Poland of crude oil of sustainably high quality from Saudi Aramco. Such international partnerships are crucial to our vision of building the largest multi-utility group in this part of Europe. In the retail area, we have negotiated with our Hungarian partner an asset exchange deal, which will directly advance our plans of geographical expansion by strengthening the retail chain in Slovakia, but also through the entry into a completely new market of Hungary. Proceeds from the divestment of fuel stations will partly be applied to acquire another 100 retail sites across the region, in line with our strategic objectives. The merger between PKN ORLEN and the LOTOS Group will mark the inception of a single strong group capable of delivering environmentally friendly energy to the Polish economy and meeting the challenges posed by the fuel and energy transition,’ says Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board. ‘These acquisitions will support the diversification of Aramco’s product portfolio across the hydrocarbon value chain — including a focus on liquids-to-chemicals pathways. Our expanding global network of refineries and chemical joint ventures allows us to reach new markets with our products, and strategically place crude oil volumes across different geographies. Our business objectives for oil and chemicals are closely aligned with PKN ORLEN, and we are exploring additional opportunities in the European petrochemicals market, as well as in R&D,’ says Mohammed Al Qahtani, Aramco Vice President for Downstream. The acquisition of the LOTOS Group by PKN ORLEN would provide a real opportunity to diversify the sources of feedstock supplies. If the acquisition is finalised, PKN ORLEN will guarantee, under a long-term agreement, crude oil supplies from Saudi Aramco at the level of 200 to 337 thousand barrels per day. It is estimated that post merger this would cover up to 45% of total oil demand from the entire ORLEN Group, in Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. In order to maximise benefits of the partnerships with strong global players, PKN ORLEN, under separate agreements with Saudi Aramco and SABIC (one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies), is to discuss potential joint investment projects in advanced high-margin petrochemicals. As potential areas for collaboration, opportunities to pursue development projects in Poland or in Central and Eastern Europe will be explored. PKN ORLEN and Saudi Aramco have also signed an agreement providing for their possible collaboration in research and development. R&D has been assigned a key priority in the ORLEN2030 strategy, and projects designed to foster innovation have been stepped up over the past three years. One of these projects is a state-of-the art research and development centre launched by PKN ORLEN in 2021, which provides real support in the pursuit of its strategic goals.  Source:

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