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GOLD – Potential Bullish Reversal!

GoldViewFX - XAUUSD - Price Update - 29/03/22

GoldViewFX Ideas GoldViewFX Ideas 30.03.2022 08:30
// GoldViewFX - Market UDPATE by Goldviewfx on Hey Everyone,We had our 1928 target HIT on the H1 chart last night with plenty of gaps left above and then price tanked fuelled by Geopolitics. We stayed out of positions and we let the market play out till it found support. Sometimes the best position to take in the market is no position and this was the perfect call for us today.I'm sharing this 4H CHART, which we posted before with the 4H GOLDTURN LEVELS. This chart shows EMA5 break with a candle body close leaving a gap to 1896 which was HIT perfectly also inline with the 4H chart swing range. This level of support was already highlighted, as a strong level and staying above this level keeps us within the Bullish structure.This now gives us confidence to continue with our plans on buying dips and only banking 20 to 30 pips at a time, in such volatile conditions, gives us a better chance to avoid swing traps. Waiting patiently for the right opportunity to ride the trend is key and knowing when to stay out should be part of everyones trading plan.We will now look for EMA5 to cross MA200 back up to provide the momentum needed for the 1940 challenge. A rejection here could see pressure for 1896 to be challenged and broken, we will be observing this closely and trading smaller LOTS to manage this risk.As always we will keep you all updated with any changes and in the mean time please don't forget to like, comment and follow to support us.GoldViewFXXAUUSD TOP AUTHOR
GOLD – Potential Bullish Reversal!

GoldViewFX - Market Review - Updated Levels & Targets - 28/03/22

GoldViewFX Ideas GoldViewFX Ideas 28.03.2022 09:27
// GoldViewFX - MARKET REVIEW - UPDATED LEVELS & TARGETS$ by Goldviewfx on Hello Followers,Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready for Market open.This is the updated Daily chart setup. We can see Gold found support above 1931 Goldturn, which was created last week and is the most recent Daily chart Goldturn support level and 1992 is the most recent Goldturn resistance level created. This now gives us a new Daily Chart Range of 1931 to 1992, which gives us a play range to manage buying dips on our lower time frames keeping the overall daily chart range in mind.We see 1992, as the overall daily chart target, which is gearing up now with the fresh Goldturn created at 1931 providing the momentum for EMA5 to cross above MA21. If we see this cross complete, it will give price the final push needed for the 1992 challenge. We also have an AXIS target at 2005, which is our longer range target on the DAILY CHART .HOURLY CHART This is our Hourly chart levels and targets. It will provide me the levels needed to buy from dips and to work the overall DAILY CHART range. We have 1958, 1966, as the immediate targets with a retracement range of 1945 and a SWING RANGE of 1935 to keep in mind to risk and money manage. EMA5 break above 1966 AXIS will open the upper levels and will also confirm 1976 TARGET.We remain Bullish and buying from support levels and banking 20 to 30 pips at a time to avoid any swing traps. As always we will keep you all updated with any changes to our setups and plans. Please don't forget to like, comment and follow to support us, we really appreciate it!GoldViewFXXAUUSD TOP AUTHOR
GOLD – Potential Bullish Reversal!

Gold Fluctuate - H1 Market Review & Updated Levels

GoldViewFX Ideas GoldViewFX Ideas 23.03.2022 09:11
// GoldViewFX - H1 MARKET REVIEW & UPDATED LEVELS by Goldviewfx on Hey Everyone,We had some movement down today testing the lower Goldturns, which we were expecting due to the swing range we identified in this volatile range. However we remain within the Bullish structure and just need to be patient with where we pick our entries in these volatile market conditions.Todays price action is a perfect example of waiting for the right entry. Normally we would take a buy entry from dips at support levels to ride up safely. However we had a open target from yesterday and because EMA5 broke yesterdays Goldturn high, we took a buy at the top. We quickly managed out of the buy and then took the entries from the drops, as part of our initial plan on buying dips. Second round of buys we took from the 1922 level, followed with entries from the 1911 Goldturn. Needless to say we covered the trade at the top and finished the day on profit!! This is trade and range management!I cannot emphasize how effective it has been for us to bank 20 to 30 pips at a time. This allowed us to take entries from dips and get out with profit before the next swing providing multiple entries and exits. Taking the entry and banking at 20 to 30 pips at a time gives us better odds in avoiding the swings. Every market condition requires us to adapt and change our style according to the new structure and applying the right framework for entry, exit, exposure and PIP capture is critical to trade successfully.We have updated the 1H chart levels with the most current Goldturn levels and will be trading this range between these levels. We are expecting 1928 as a target with some retracement close to 1917. Whilst we expect swings below, we can expect price re-test some of the upper 1900 levels in stages. Keep in mind the potential trading range from the DAILY CHART (see related post below).Tomorrow we will wait to see if 1917 holds to support buys or we get to test 1911 again; a break here will change our setup. This will be observed before taking positions.As always we will keep you all posted with any changes and keep everything as transparent as possible to give you all a true insight of a traders day to day journey from analysis to execution to trade management. Managing a profitable trade is easy, its how you manage a losing trade that sets you apart from the rest!!!!Please don't forget to like, comment and follow to support us, we really appreciate it!GoldViewFXXAUUSD TOP AUTHOR
Trading plan for Gold on June 30, 2022

Price Of Gold Charts: GoldViewFX - Market Review - Updated Levels & Targets

GoldViewFX Ideas GoldViewFX Ideas 21.03.2022 11:22
// GoldViewFX - MARKET REVIEW - UPDATED LEVELS & TARGETS$ by Goldviewfx on Hey Everyone,This is our updated 4H chart levels with the most up to date 4H chart Goldturns.We can see a break at 1940, which opened target to 1896, which was HIT perfectly. If EMA5 continued and broke 1896 we would see the lower levels open up. 1896 was rejected with strong support. We saw price go back to challenge 1940 but no break.We may see another challenge at 1896 but remain Bullish towards 1940 again, as we have an outstanding target at 1958 and the fact that 1896 was supported, it sets the price up to challenge the Goldturn channel again in stages to 1995. If this channel is not tested and broken in the coming weeks then we will see 1896 break below for lower targets.The 4H chart setup remains Bullish above 1896 and therefore I am confident in taking buys from support levels and taking exits of 20 to 30 pips to avoid swings.1H CHART UPDATE The 1H chart had a break at 1935 opening 1922 which was HIT perfectly. We are now looking for EMA5 to cross 1922 with candle body close to open another challenge to 1906. A failure to break this level will see price head towards the upper targets again, as we have a gap at 1958, which was left open from a EMA5 break and candle body close above 1935.We have a swing range of 1888, which is still supporting our Bullish setups and the rejection here last week only strengthened this level. We remain Bullish above 1888!As always we will keep you all updated with any changes to the structure and our setups. The markets are very volatile with news and events providing fuel for movement in both directions, therefore we must avoid getting too hung up trying to figure out where its going and focus more on trading the levels in stages up or down.Please don't forget to like, comment and follow to support us. We really appreciate it!GoldViewFXXAUUSD TOP AUTHOR
GOLD – Potential Bullish Reversal!

Time To Look At Price Of Gold (XAUUSD) - Market Update

GoldViewFX Ideas GoldViewFX Ideas 16.03.2022 10:40
// GoldViewFX - MARKET UPDATE by Goldviewfx on Trend Analysis Chart Patterns Technical Indicators Gold XAUUSD buysetup sellsetup forexsignals forexanalysis Contains image    Hey Everyone,What a volatile few days of trading, we hope everyone traded safe and managed risk during these volatile conditions.We started our day with a signal TP and then sat back and let the price tank for us to asses how price action reacted to our Goldturn levels. Over the last month we have shared how we rode the Bull run to the top from behind, which allows us to take a safe exit from the Bull run when the market turns. We managed any buys from the top by measuring retracements and getting out early using our Goldturns.1906 Goldturn support has held for now with a candle wick out, which followed with price hitting 1922 with EMA5 breaking and closing above 1922 leaving a target open for 1935, we also have 1922 broken down with EMA5 leaving a target to 1906 again, TARGETS open both ways. Two gaps left open to fill, 1906 being the most recent and current active gap.The more significant challenge for us to keep an eye on is a break below 1906 with EMA5. This will open 1888, which opens the lower range, changing the Bullish structure. The range shift has happened but driven by news and FOMC, therefore it is too early determine a change in the Bullish structure, however a break below 1906 will change our plans to buy dips and we will look to start shorting from spikes.Our 4H chart has already started shaping up with a Bearish setup with SWING range and level identified. See below; As always we will keep you all updated with any changes to our plans and we hope you find our open transparent sharing and reviewing of changes to our ideas helpful. Please don't forget to like, comment and follow to support us, we really appreciate it!GoldViewFXXAUUSD TOP AUTHOR


GoldViewFX Ideas GoldViewFX Ideas 14.03.2022 10:55
// GoldViewFX - Market UPDATE- LEVELS & TARGETS FOR THE WEEK by Goldviewfx on Hey Everyone,We had an awesome finish to the week taking exits on the buys at 2006 Goldturn and then we had a rejection, which saw price retrace down to the full swing range at 1958, see below; The swing range gave another opportunity to buy at 1958 for exit before the next Goldturn at 1979 close to 200 pip movement. My trading plan on the chart together with the strategy to only buy 20 to 30 pips at a time always gives the opportunity to avoid getting stuck in the swings and always allowing better and safer entries strategically sitting behind the trend allowing me to capture without getting stuck. This skill I have acquired over time and requires a good trading psychology and stamina to wait patiently for these sweet entries.We remain Bullish and whilst we had some movement down, we just need to zoom out of the charts to see the Bullish structure, please see below; This zoomed out 1H chart setup shows the clear Bullish structure and trend and the current swings fall within the Goldturn trendline. This charts also shows room for retracement down to 1969, which we will keep in mind while takin buys from support levels or signals.End of week retracement down has bought us back into the price range of 1958 to 2006. Therefore we have moved our swing range down to 1935 for good measure to be able to manage the swing below the range. Due to the volatile market conditions this will help us to manage any premature exits and SL hunting and will allow me to risk manage the movement within these extended boundaries outside the range. Any tests on these strong support levels will allow me to take 20 to 30 pip buys and get out safely even if the volatility pushes the price against our anticipated direction.We have an immediate TARGET of 1995, which was activated with the EMA5 Goldturn break and close above 1979. Lets see how this plays out. Please note I will be observing both the immediate retracement level 1969 and swing range of 1935 throughout the week, as part of my risk/money management.As always, we will keep you all updated with any changes to our plan and targets. Please don't forget to like, comment and follow to support us.GoldViewFXXAUUSD TOP AUTHOR