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Fierytrading Analysis

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The scale of frauds, pathologies or bankruptcies of cryptocurrency projects that took place in 2022 shows that regulations in this industry are necessary.

According to Fiery Trading, Bitcoin "Santa Rally" happened in the past

Fierytrading Analysis Fierytrading Analysis 27.12.2022 15:36
// 🔥 Bitcoin Bullish During Santa Rally? Data Says Yes! by FieryTrading on Trend Analysis Technical Indicators Chart Patterns Contains image     After seeing a couple people talking about a potential Santa Rally, I decided to dive into the data and see if the Santa Rally is actually a thing for crypto.Firstly, some general information. The "Santa Rally" originates from the stock markets, where it's described as a calendar effect where the markets show (generally) positive returns during the 5 trading days after Christmas and the first two trading days of the new year (wikipedia).Since Bitcoin markets are always open, I decided to look at the period from 27-12 (open) until 4-1 (close). The data may vary slightly depending which day you choose as your last day of the Santa Rally.As seen in the table, the average return of BTC during the period has been 7.34% over the last 12 years, with 75% being a green period. In addition, 42% of the times the returns have been greater than 10%!Will it happen again? We simply don't know. All we can see is that BTC has historically performed quite good during this periods, so definitely going to be interesting to see what the market will give us over the next two weeks or so. 💰Lower Your Trading Fees:📈Try my Premium Signals for 🚨FREE🚨:🔥Premium channel & 💎Contact:🎯Crypto Signals & EXCLUSIVE analyses: Website Source: Trader FieryTrading — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView
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FieryTrading comments on Bitcoin price - 24/10/22

Fierytrading Analysis Fierytrading Analysis 24.10.2022 23:40
// 🔥 Bitcoin In An Epic Falling Wedge: Huge Week Ahead by FieryTrading on Trend Analysis Chart Patterns Technical Indicators     In this analysis I'd like to shed some light on a view on the market which I've not seen many people talk about: the idea that BTC is trading within a massive falling wedge since the November top. Falling wedges are classically bullish reversal patterns, this would indicate that BTC is either on the verge of breaking out bullish , or that we can see another drop down to the support (which would likely be the bottom).As seen on the chart, BTC is currently trading on the resistance of the falling wedge . That would mean that we're going to see some kind of big move in the coming days; either a break out of the wedge or a ( bearish ) continuation and a move towards the wedge's support.In my view, BTC still has another leg down to go. See the analysis below for a more complete bearish analysis. In my opinion, this falling wedge is one of the many views on the market. Try to keep an open mind and see what the market gives you. Going to be an interesting week.Are you bullish or bearish on crypto? Please share your thoughts🙏🔥 💰Lower Your Trading Fees:📈Try my Premium Signals for 🚨FREE🚨:🔥Premium channel & 💎Contact:🎯Crypto Signals & EXCLUSIVE analyses: Website Source: Trader FieryTrading — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView
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FieryTrading Updates His Comment On Bitcoin Price

Fierytrading Analysis Fierytrading Analysis 13.10.2022 15:50
// 🔥 Bitcoin LESS Volatile Than Stocks: Huge Move Incoming! 🚨 by FieryTrading on Trend Analysis Technical Indicators Chart Patterns    Oct 11 For a couple of weeks now, BTC's volatility has been very low. Even so low that the Dow Jones is even more volatile, which has only happened 3 times before in history.The first time this has occurred was a couple of days before the final 2018 sell-off, which led to a 50% drop in BTC's price and eventually led to the final bottom of the bear market.The second time this happened was in the Summer of 2020, where it signaled the start of the most recent crypto bull-market with a 35% bull move.We're now experiencing the third time this has ever happened. The market is preparing itself for another historical move, whether it's going to be up or down remains to be seen. All I know is that the huge incoming move is favoring the bears because we're still in a bear market, just like in 2018.It's hard to say when this big price move will occur. Tomorrow's CPI report might be the catalyst where the market is waiting for.What do you think? Will we go up or down? an hour ago Comment: Update 💰Lower Your Trading Fees:📈Try my Premium Signals for 🚨FREE🚨:🔥Premium channel & 💎Contact:🎯Crypto Signals & EXCLUSIVE analyses: Website Source: 🔥 Bitcoin LESS Volatile Than Stocks: Huge Move Incoming! 🚨 for COINBASE:BTCUSD by FieryTrading — TradingView
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🔥 Bitcoin Dominance Channel: Bitcoin Will Take Over Soon?

Fierytrading Analysis Fierytrading Analysis 23.08.2022 22:10
// 🔥 Bitcoin Dominance Channel: Bitcoin Will Take Over Soon? by FieryTrading on The BTC .D ( Bitcoin dominance) displays BTC's marketcap divided my the total crypto market cap as a percentage. It's important because it can signal whether the market is willing to take risks ( BTC .D falling, money flows out of BTC into alts), or whether the market is risk averse and prefers to stall their funds into BTC ( BTC .D falling, money flows from alts into BTC ). A case can be made to exclude stables, but that's for a different time.Ever since we first topped last year in May, BTC .D has been trading horizontally. At this point in time, the dominance chart is getting very close to the channel's support. This might signal that the flow of money might be close to a reversal in the near future.The fact that we're trading around the support area , combined with the fact that September, historically crypto's worst month, is around the corner is an interesting coincidence. Classically, a strongly rising BTC .D means bearishness in the crypto market.Do you think the dominance chart will soon go back up? Is more downside coming? Share your thoughts 🙏 💰Lower Your Trading Fees:📈Try my Premium Signals for 🚨FREE🚨:🔥Premium channel & 💎Contact:🎯Crypto Signals & EXCLUSIVE analyses:
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🔥 Bitcoin & The Federal Funds Rate: An Easy Explanation

Fierytrading Analysis Fierytrading Analysis 08.04.2022 11:22
// 🔥 Bitcoin & The Federal Funds Rate: An Easy Explanation by FieryTrading on Ever since the FED has been talking about interest rates, I see questions popping up on social media where investors ask why the federal funds rate (also known as the FED interest rate) is so important for the stock and crypto markets. With this post I'd like to write an easy understandable explanation on what the FED funds rate is and why it is important.What is the FED funds rate?The FED funds rate is the interest rate set by the FOMC (the committee of the FED). This interest rate targets the rate at which commercial banks in the USA can lend and borrow excess money to each other. Higher rates means it's more expensive to borrow money for banks, lower rates make it cheaper.Why is it so important?The FOMC changes the rate in order to control inflation . Higher rates reduce the money supply because money is more expensive to get (borrow), whilst lower rates increase the money supply because it encourages spending. The latter has happened during the 2008 Financial crisis and the more recent Corona crisis. Encouraging people to spend money generally helps the economy.Rule of thumb: if the economy is in good shape, higher interest rates are needed to control inflation . If the economy is in bad shape, lower interest rates will encourage people to spend and can help turn things around.Should I be afraid of it?Generally, no. As seen on the BTC chart above, the only time that the FED has increased the rates it did not have a bearish effect on BTC . However, this was done during a period of lower inflation than we currently have. To combat the current inflation rates, the FED needs to increase the rate at a much faster and higher rate than what we have seen in the past 30 years. During the 1980's the interest rate was set to 20% in order to combat strong inflation , I'd argue the FED has to do that as well if they don't raise the raids much faster this year. The imposed rate hikes of 0.25% every meeting are not enough to reduce the 10% year-over-year inflation .In case the FED decides to raise the rates with big steps (>1% per meeting), this can definitely have a huge impact on the stock- and crypto-markets. It will become much more expensive for banks to borrow (and invest) money since money will become more scarce.There's no immediate danger for the markets. However, if inflation spirals out of control because the FED decides not to act (keep the rates low), they'd have to increase the rates much higher and quicker than everyone anticipates, which will trigger a big sell-off in the markets. In my view, this will be the start of the next crypto bear-market.The FED interest rates are most definitely an interesting, but also difficult topic. If you think that I've skipped an important part, please share your knowledge in the comment section. The more people know about it, the better.

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