AppLayer Unveils Fastest EVM Network and $1.5M Network Incentive Program

AppLayer Unveils Fastest EVM Network and $1.5M Network Incentive Program

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 02.05.2024 19:25
Panama City, Panama, May 2nd, 2024, Chainwire AppLayer has unveiled the fastest and most robust infrastructure for scaling Ethereum-based applications, a cutting-edge blockchain that not only delivers lightning-fast transaction speeds but also offers a new approach to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) development for both DeFi and GameFi developers. AppLayer offers an EVM network that's 10 times faster than standard Golang based EVM networks and an even more amazing 65 times execution speed boost with C++ stateful pre-compiles. Imagine having both the speediest EVM in the game and the best tools to build on it – that's what AppLayer brings to the table! The Game Changer: Stateful Pre-compiled Smart Contracts AppLayer is not only a speed powerhouse but also allows for comprehensive composability with game-changing stateful pre-compiles that are a cornerstone of this release, offering an unmatched ability to process complex smart contracts at unprecedented speeds. But what does this mean for everyday users and developers? It's simple: AppLayer's network brings the power of advanced blockchain technology right to the user's fingertips. Developers can now create their own stateful pre-compiles as smart contracts with features and syntax that are identical to Solidity, but with the added turbo-charge of C++ performance. The real excitement stems from the intricate workings of AppLayer's network with these Stateful Pre-compiles. Solidity smart contracts no longer function in isolation but interact with and build upon these ultra-fast pre-compiles. This enhances the sophistication, power, and efficiency of blockchain applications, marking a significant shift in the landscape of decentralization. The best part for developers is the ease of transition to this high-performance environment. AppLayer allows developers to effortlessly convert their existing Solidity code into C++ with nearly identical syntax, unlocking the potential for more complex and scalable dApps. This feature is especially vital for blockchain projects hitting performance limitations in traditional EVM environments. AppLayer takes it further with rdPoS (random deterministic Proof of Stake) – a unique consensus mechanism that amplifies network security while ensuring ultra-efficient transaction processing. This ingenious combination of stateful pre-compiles and rdPoS turns AppLayer into a robust platform perfect for handling high-scale and intricate applications. As Itamar Carvalho, CTO at AppLayer, stated at ETHDenver 2024, "AppLayer is not just an upgrade; it's a revolution. We're empowering developers to build without boundaries, pushing the limits of what's possible in blockchain application development." AppLayer stands as a testament to innovation, redefining the standards of blockchain development and opening new horizons in the gaming sector, decentralized finance, and beyond. With its combination of speed, efficiency, and developer-friendly features, AppLayer is poised to become a leading force in the blockchain space. Expanding EVM Horizons with the Testnet Launch The next exciting phase for AppLayer is the deployment of its testnet, complete with a front-end user portal coming in June and up to $1.5 million in incentives available now. This stage invites developers to push the boundaries of their existing Solidity code into a more robust, scalable environment. The more unique and intricate the transactions, the greater the reward, fostering a creative and efficient ecosystem. AppLayer is now inviting developers to participate in its incentivized testnet. With a unique rewards system based on user activity and creativity, AppLayer is fostering a vibrant and innovative developer community. "We are excited to see what developers will build on AppLayer. This is an opportunity to reshape the landscape of blockchain applications," said Carvalho. The AppLayer testnet not only represents a pivotal moment for blockchain innovation but also a unique opportunity for both crypto enthusiasts and developers. Whether the user is looking to explore cutting-edge projects on the fastest EVM or the user is a developer eager to build on this revolutionary platform, AppLayer's testnet is their gateway to opportunity and rewards. Build on the AppLayer Testnet to Unlock Grants Developers, on the other hand, are invited to bring their creativity and technical skills to the forefront. Build on AppLayer, the fastest EVM network, and receive $APPL token grants as recognition of the user's innovative contributions. With up to 100,000,000 $APPL tokens available for allocation to projects, the potential for reward is substantial. Additionally, for every $APPL token a project distributes to users, an equal amount is granted back to the project, forming a cycle of innovation and reward that continues through to the mainnet launch. The most engaging and interacted-with projects may be eligible for additional allocations, incentivizing not just development but also user engagement. This is a testnet that rewards utilization and creativity, pushing for more unique and complex smart contracts. For more information on the Grants Program and how to participate, users can fill out an application to get started and become a part of this transformative phase in blockchain development. Users can discover, build, and earn with AppLayer – where the future of blockchain is being shaped today. About AppLayer: AppLayer (formerly SparqNet) is a C++ based Ethereum scaling solution where developers can deploy Solidity smart contracts and C++ programmed stateful pre-compiles as smart contracts. In AppLayer, Solidity smart contracts are 10 times faster than those in Golang-based competing networks, and stateful pre-compiles are 65 times faster.
Humanode, a blockchain built with Polkadot SDK, becomes the most decentralized by Nakamoto Coefficient

Humanode, a blockchain built with Polkadot SDK, becomes the most decentralized by Nakamoto Coefficient

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 02.05.2024 19:24
London, United Kingdom, May 1st, 2024, Chainwire Humanode, a Layer-1 blockchain built with Polkadot SDK, has become the most decentralized blockchain network to date based on the Nakamoto Coefficient. With 706 active validator nodes, the Nakamoto Coefficient for the Humanode is 236, shooting past the prior number one, Mina, which has a Nakamoto Coefficient of 155. Polkadot now holds the 3rd place.  The Nakamoto Coefficient is a measure that represents how many node operators will be required to control the share of a layer-1 blockchain which is enough to shut down the network if validators coordinate to do so. The greater the number, the more decentralized the blockchain is. "Proof-of-Stake blockchains tend to centralize around the biggest validators or staking protocols, like Lido, which actually hold the infrastructure. If Lido goes down once, people will start questioning the decentralization of Proof-of-Stake networks. They may have millions of nodes, but the real control over consensus is in the hands of few. We always wanted to change this," says Humanode co-founder Victor. "In Humanode, one person can only launch one node, which is verified with cryptobiometric technology. All validators wield equal power, meaning that the Humanode chain decentralization increases proportionally to the number of human nodes. Imagine what kind of Nakamoto Coefficient will be achieved when we hit 10,000 nodes or 1 million nodes!? This makes a coordinated attack almost impossible. No project will be able to claim that it is more decentralized than Humanode." Humanode will soon unveil its governance protocol where one human node has only one vote, creating the first democratic DAO which will control the further development of the core protocol and its ecosystem. About Humanode Humanode, built on Polkadot SDK as an EVM Compatible Layer-1, is the first cryptobiometric blockchain where one human = one node = one vote. It utilizes private facial recognition which protects against multiple accounts and bots taking advantage of retroactive airdrops, DAOs, DeFi, NFT mints, GameFi, and more. After just a year from mainnet launch, Humanode boasts 500,000+ users and 70+ projects utilizing its cryptobiometric technology. Spearheading the Cryptocurrency Trading Revolution Spearheading the Cryptocurrency Trading Revolution

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 01.05.2024 14:30
Dubai, UAE, May 1st, 2024, Chainwire, the cryptocurrency exchange division of the esteemed MultiBank Group, is on the brink of transforming the cryptocurrency trading landscape. Leveraging the Group's illustrious history of success and expertise, is on course to ascend as the premier global cryptocurrency exchange. A Legacy of Innovation in Financial Derivatives  Since its inception in 2005, MultiBank Group has been at the forefront of the global financial derivatives market, pioneering advancements in the foreign exchange sector. Boasting a robust paid-up capital of over $322 million, a staggering daily trading volume of $12.1 billion, and stringent oversight by more than 14 regulators across five continents, MultiBank Group stands as the most expansive and regulated financial derivatives provider in the world. Marc Aspinall, the Chief Commercial Officer at MultiBank Group, asserts, "With MultiBank Group's solid foundation and a legacy of triumphs, is set to redefine industry standards and epitomize trading excellence."  Building Trust in the Cryptocurrency Domain  In the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrencies, trust and security are paramount. MultiBank Group is committed to altering the global narrative surrounding cryptocurrencies through With significant investments in research, regulatory compliance, and technological innovation, MultiBank Group has garnered over two decades of invaluable experience, securing the trust and confidence of traders globally. ABOUT MULTIBANK.IO, a cryptocurrency exchange under MultiBank Group, offers a user-friendly platform for instant, secure trading including Bitcoin and Ethereum. For more information, visit ABOUT MULTIBANK GROUP Founded in California, USA, in 2005, MultiBank Group has grown to command a daily trading volume exceeding $12.1 billion, serving over 1 million customers. MultiBank Group has matured into one of the largest online financial derivatives providers globally, offering an array of brokerage services and asset management solutions. The group's award-winning trading platforms offer up to 500:1 leverage on a diverse range of products, including Forex, Metals, Shares, Commodities, Indices, and Digital Assets. For more information, visit 
Sui Teams Up with Google Cloud to Drive Web3 Innovation with Enhanced Security, Scalability and AI Capabilities

Sui Teams Up with Google Cloud to Drive Web3 Innovation with Enhanced Security, Scalability and AI Capabilities

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 30.04.2024 14:28
Palo Alto, California, April 30th, 2024, Chainwire Collaboration focuses on tackling key Web3 challenges through data-driven insights, AI-powered development tools and zero-knowledge proofs Sui, the Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform created and launched by the core research team responsible for building Facebook's Libra and Diem projects, is collaborating with Google Cloud to support the future of Web3, via a partnership with Mysten Labs. This joint effort will focus on enhancing security, scalability, developer tools, and user experiences across a range of Web3 and AI-powered applications. Key initiatives of this partnership include: Data-Driven dApps Google Cloud strengthened its commitment to Sui's development ecosystem by integrating Sui blockchain data into BigQuery public datasets, providing developers with powerful analytics tools, unlocking new insights and innovative dApp possibilities. AI-Enhanced Development Sui used Google Cloud's generative AI platform, Vertex AI, and trained it on the Move programming language, to help Web3 developers debug and augment code generation. Mysten Labs created a new AI-based code auditing tool using Google Cloud's AI and Cloud capabilities, that identifies security vulnerabilities in Rust, Move, Typescript and Solidity, augmenting security efforts to quickly identify and improve vulnerable code. Seamless User Experience Sui's zkLogin technology already demonstrates the potential of this collaboration, as it bridges some of the gaps between traditional (Web2) and decentralized (Web3) applications. zkLogin is a fundamental cryptographic primitive that uses OAuth credentials from Google and other trusted Web2 platforms, allowing frictionless authentication of crypto wallets and dApps on Sui. Robust and Scalable Infrastructure Sui leveraged Google Cloud's globally scalable infrastructure to power the security and high transaction throughput of its network. This integration ensures high performance and seamless capacity to scale.  "Collaborating with Google Cloud helps us propel the development of secure, scalable, and user-centric Web3 experiences," said Evan Cheng, CEO and co-founder of Mysten Labs. "Google Cloud's infrastructure and cutting-edge AI capabilities complement Sui's unique technological strengths, empowering all types of developers to create the next generation of decentralized applications on Sui." "We are committed to supporting Web3 innovation with our secure cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities," said Amit Zavery, VP and general manager, and Head of Platform, Google Cloud. "Sui's advanced blockchain technology and commitment to user-friendly experiences make them a valuable collaborator for delivering transformative applications that can be easily embraced by Web3 and Web2 developers."  Google Cloud is also committed to empowering the Sui developer community through its Web3 Startup Program. This initiative offers resources including Google Cloud credits, access to Discord channels with Web3 experts, foundation grants and global events, all designed to accelerate the development of innovative applications on Sui. About Sui Sui is a first-of-its-kind Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform designed from the bottom up to make digital asset ownership fast, private, secure, and accessible to everyone. Its object-centric model, based on the Move programming language, enables parallel execution, sub-second finality, and rich on-chain assets. With horizontally scalable processing and storage, Sui supports a wide range of applications with unrivaled speed at low cost. Sui is a step-function advancement in blockchain and a platform on which creators and developers can build amazing, user-friendly experiences. Learn more: About Mysten Labs Mysten Labs is a team of leading distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography experts whose founders were senior executives and lead architects of pioneering blockchain projects. The mission of Mysten Labs is to create foundational infrastructure for web3. Learn more: About Google Cloud Google Cloud is the new way to the cloud, providing AI, infrastructure, developer, data, security, and collaboration tools built for today and tomorrow. Google Cloud offers a powerful, fully integrated and optimized AI stack with its own planet-scale infrastructure, custom-built chips, generative AI models and development platform, as well as AI-powered applications, to help organizations transform. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted technology partner.
Unlock Your Trading Potential with Alphatrends: A Comprehensive Overview of Features and Benefits

Unlock Your Trading Potential with Alphatrends: A Comprehensive Overview of Features and Benefits

FXMAG Team FXMAG Team 30.04.2024 13:51
Alphatrends is a UK based CFD trading platform that allows investors to trade on global markets, including currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. The provided tools and features cater to investors of various levels of expertise, ensuring quick transaction execution, access to analytical data, and performance analysis tools.   About Alphatrends Broker Alphatrends is a global powerhouse in the trading world, offering the opportunity to trade thousands of markets, including Amazon, GBP/USD, UK 100, and gold. The platform is distinguished by award-winning interfaces, lightning-fast transaction execution, and next-generation tools. As part of a global trading leader, backed by a Fortune 100 company, Alphatrends provides security and innovation in trading.   Why choose Alphatrends? Alphatrends emphasizes market choice, providing investors with access to thousands of financial instruments in Forex, stocks, indices, and commodities markets. The platform also offers exclusive tools such as Performance Analytics and SMART Signals, which can assist traders in decision-making. Tight spreads, fast transaction execution, and comprehensive mobile support are additional features that set Alphatrends apart from the competition. Alphatrends Account Options: Your Path to Personalized Trading Success For traders worldwide, Alphatrends offers a spectrum of account options, each tailored to cater to diverse trading needs. Whether you're a novice exploring the financial markets or a seasoned investor seeking advanced trading tools, Alphatrends provides a comprehensive range of CFD trading accounts designed to empower traders at every level. Our commitment to personalized trading experiences is exemplified through the integration of cutting-edge AI trading technology, ensuring that traders receive the support and insights necessary to thrive in today's dynamic markets.   A Tailored Approach to Trading: Empowering Every Trader At Alphatrends, we understand that no two traders are alike. With this in mind, our diverse array of account features and benefits across different plans ensures that each trader finds a bespoke solution that aligns with their unique goals and preferences. Leveraging state-of-the-art Forex trading technology, our dedicated team is committed to providing traders with invaluable insights and support, facilitating a seamless and rewarding trading journey. Join us today and discover a personalized approach to trading that sets you on the path to success.   Exclusive Privileges in the Alphatrends Supreme League Enter the realm of the Alphatrends Supreme League, an exclusive enclave designed for discerning high net worth individuals with a minimum allocation of $500,000. As a member of this esteemed community, you'll gain access to a suite of premium services, including personalized concierge assistance and a dedicated team of experts dedicated to meeting your investment needs. Open your online Forex trading account now and unlock unparalleled benefits tailored to your substantial investments.   Partnering with Alphatrends: A Gateway to Growth Embark on a journey of growth and success by partnering with Alphatrends. Our partner program offers generous payouts of up to 35%, along with customized offers and exclusive deals designed to maximize your earning potential. Whether you're interested in earning high payouts for each funded client or accessing lucrative bonuses, our partner program provides a pathway to success. Consult with our expert team today to explore the possibilities of partnering with Alphatrends.   Account types Starter   Intermediate   Proffessional   Expert   Master Alphatrends is a platform that enables traders to trade on global markets using advanced tools and technology. Security, market choice, fast transaction execution, and mobile support are the main features that attract investors to use this broker's services. With its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Alphatrends remains a preferred choice for traders seeking a reliable and efficient trading experience.   Alphatrends prioritizes clients success with a safe and legit trading platform and a dedicated team of investment experts available for guidance and support. In conclusion, Alphatrends isn't just a platform; it's a partner on your journey to financial success. With innovative features, a commitment to security, and a user-focused approach, Investiva redefines what it means to trade online.  
Yue Minjun Revolutionizes Bitcoin Art Scene with Pioneering Ordinals Collection on LiveArt

Yue Minjun Revolutionizes Bitcoin Art Scene with Pioneering Ordinals Collection on LiveArt

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 30.04.2024 13:28
NEW YORK, United States, April 30th, 2024, Chainwire The first major contemporary artist to adopt the Bitcoin blockchain LiveArt proudly unveils Human by Yue Minjun, the first-ever Ordinals collection from a contemporary art giant. This pioneering collection of 1,200 unique digital masterpieces on the Bitcoin blockchain chronicles the pivotal moments defining our digital age. With over $150 million in physical and digital art sales, Yue Minjun's iconic laughter echoes louder than ever. "Bitcoin blockchain has the credibility and permanence that is unmatched in the crypto universe. We are bringing Yue Minjun to Bitcoin Ordinals because the art world's blue-chip artists belong on the crypto world's blue-chip blockchain," says Boris Pevzner, CEO and Co-Founder of LiveArt. Human is backed by a narrative that's scored millions at auction and smashed records with "Gweong-Gweong" fetching $6.9 million at Christie's Hong Kong.  Yue Minjun shares his vision, "After my initial venture into NFTs with 'Boundless,' I've grown even more fascinated by the potential of Web3 technologies. The dynamic evolution of Bitcoin and the broader landscape of decentralized finance have inspired me to interpret the world's history from a digital perspective. 'Human' embodies this vision, melding my art with significant contemporary narratives." Set to launch on May 8th, 2024, Human represents an inflection point for art on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is published exclusively on LiveArt, in partnership with top-tier Ordinals communities, including the Ordinals Council, Sparks, Xverse, Pizza Ninjas, and Ink, among others. "Yue Minjun's 'Human' Ordinals collection is a significant milestone for the Bitcoin blockchain. As the first major contemporary artist on Bitcoin Ordinals, Yue Minjun will be forever inscribed as a pioneering artist in the history of the Bitcoin blockchain. The Ordinals Council is proud to support this groundbreaking project, which paves the way for the future of art on Bitcoin," remarks Serge Ajamian, founder of the Ordinals Council. This collection is set for a rapid sell-out during the 'allowlist' event exclusively for LiveArt Partners and Members. Get ready to witness a monumental shift in the art-meets-Bitcoin universe. About LiveArt: Founded by art market experts from Sotheby's and Christie's and backed by top blockchain investors like Animoca Brands, Binance Labs, OKX, and Hashkey, LiveArt is revolutionizing the integration of art with Web3. The platform introduces top contemporary artists to crypto audiences and leads the way in digital-first methods for buying and collecting art. By harnessing AI, blockchain technology, and insightful market analytics, LiveArt offers unmatched collecting experiences, enabling collectors to acquire and trade art digitally anywhere. Powered by the $ART utility token, LiveArt is expanding the benefits for its community and partners, making art more accessible and recognized as a significant asset class in the Web3 world.   Yue Minjun Collection Video Please insert iframe here:   Artwork Preview Human and Liberty Leading the People  by Yue Minjun, 2024   Human and a Venus  by Yue Minjun, 2024   Human and The Leaning Tower  by Yue Minjun, 2024   Human and Moon Landing by Yue Minjun, 2024   Human and a Pharaoh  by Yue Minjun, 2024   Human and Michelangelo by Yue Minjun, 2024   Human and Marilyn by Yue Minjun, 2024  
Breaking News: B2Prime Acquires a Security Dealer License in Seychelles, Expanding Global Operations

Breaking News: B2Prime Acquires a Security Dealer License in Seychelles, Expanding Global Operations

B2Brokers Group of Companies B2Brokers Group of Companies 30.04.2024 12:27
B2B Prime Services SC Ltd, a multi-asset Prime of Prime liquidity provider, has achieved another significant regulatory milestone by obtaining a security dealer license in Seychelles. This marks the third license for B2Prime, following those in Cyprus and Mauritius. These jurisdictions serve as key hubs with a high concentration of brokers, and B2Prime is dedicated to serving regulated market participants not only in these locations but also throughout Europe. This latest license underscores B2Prime's commitment to providing trusted and compliant services to its global client base. Seychelles, recognised as a crucial hub for brokers, provides B2Prime with a strategic platform to distribute liquidity locally across all regulated companies.  The newly acquired security dealer license enables the B2Prime group to engage in crucial financial activities, such as negotiating and entering agreements for acquiring, disposing of, subscribing for, or underwriting securities. Additionally, it allows to manage securities transactions, handle sales, and manage portfolios of securities on behalf of the clients. This significant development will greatly enhance the ability to operate efficiently within global markets, backed by a robust legal framework to offer these services under the strict regulatory oversight of the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (SFSA).   Importance of Seychelles License for B2Prime Clients Seychelles is becoming an attractive location for brokerages, thanks to its strategic placement between Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and its supportive financial climate. With 182 brokers already registered in Seychelles, there is a clear need for a local liquidity partner that can streamline operations and offer advanced financial and technology solutions.  In response to this demand, B2Prime has strategically expanded its presence by acquiring a security dealer license from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (SFSA), the regulatory body responsible for the licensing and supervision of financial service providers, including security dealers.   This development eliminates the need for local companies to seek out or connect with liquidity providers in distant financial hubs. Instead, they can directly access B2Prime’s extensive Prime of Prime level liquidity.  B2Prime offers over 225 instruments across six asset classes in CFDs, including FOREX, Cryptos, Spot Indices, Precious Metals, Commodities, and NDFs, all through a single margin account. B2Prime clients benefit from deep liquidity pools sourced from Tier-1 providers, which ensure tight spreads and ultra-fast execution. Connectivity options, including OneZero, PXM, Centroid, T4B, FIX API, and cTrader, further facilitate seamless integration and efficiency. “Establishing our operations in Seychelles opens doors to our Prime of Prime liquidity and enhanced service levels for local brokers, hedge funds, money managers, institutional clients, and liquidity providers. This step forward aligns perfectly with our goal of providing top-tier financial services worldwide and  enables us to offer even greater reliability and seize new opportunities in global markets.” – Eugenia Mykulyak, Founder & Executive Director of B2Prime   Robust Financial Performance and Future Outlook Following the strategic initiatives, B2Prime has recently disclosed the financial results for its parent company, B2B Prime Services EU, which highlights robust financial growth in the first quarter of 2024. Total assets in Cyprus surged to €28,969,690.98, a 40.32% increase from the previous year. Client assets held for trading also increased by 47.6% to €26,840,460.11. In the same period, the shareholders' equity rose by 8%, with year-on-year comparisons showing a 68% growth in total assets and a 64% increase in client assets held for trading. Notably, shareholders' equity experienced an impressive 289% surge. Regulatory Capital Adequacy dramatically improved, too, with B2Prime's own funds soaring nearly 600% from €503,000 to €2,728,000, far exceeding regulatory minimums with CET1 and Tier 1 ratios significantly above the required standards. These figures highlight a strong balance sheet and show B2Prime’s ongoing devotion to growth and reliability. Soon, the company will also disclose the fiscal report for B2Prime Mauritius, which will further validate its position as a credible and reliable service provider to clients worldwide.   Final Remarks B2Prime has been actively expanding its global footprint since its establishment in Cyprus in 2020 and Mauritius in 2023. The ongoing strategy aims to position B2Prime as a trusted partner in key financial jurisdictions worldwide. The recent acquisition of a security dealer license in Seychelles is a continuation of these efforts to offer Prime of Prime financial services and exclusive tools to local businesses in Seychelles, enhancing their capabilities and potential to succeed in the global marketplace.  
LazyBear Secures 4 Million USDT in Strategic Financing to Revolutionize Crypto Trading

LazyBear Secures 4 Million USDT in Strategic Financing to Revolutionize Crypto Trading

Press Information Press Information Press Information Press Information 30.04.2024 10:54
Dubai, UAE, April 29th, 2024, Chainwire LazyBear, a low-fee crypto trading ecosystem aimed at retail traders, has announced the successful completion of its strategic financing round. This round has raised a significant sum from investors and strategic partners. The investment, totaling 4 million USDT, positions LazyBear for accelerated growth and innovation in the crypto market. Participated investors and strategic partners include industry leaders and participants such as Gogeko Labs,  Shadow Labs, Salad Labs, Bees Network, REI Network, IBIT, Crypto Bullish, SYNBO Protocol, Bazaars, Sypool, Bitcoin Gbox, GemX Crypto, Wikibit, PredxAI, Azen and C-level individual investors and advisors from top-tier crypto industry firms. Their participation shows strong confidence in LazyBear's mission to provide a retail trader-driven, seamless, and community-focused platform for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. The financing and strategic partnership will support LazyBear's dedication to integrity, innovation, and collaboration, driving the platform's evolution and enhancing the user experience. About LazyBear LazyBear is a revolutionary crypto trading ecosystem committed to providing users with an industry-low-free, inclusive and enjoyable trading experience. With a focus on simplicity, community engagement, and fun features, LazyBear invites users to be lazy, yet prosperous, in the world of digital assets. Users can follow LazyBear on X | Facebook | Instagram to get more bonuses.  Users can join LazyBear's Telegram to discuss hot topics and LazyBear's Discord to get more updates. Users can sign up for the chance to enjoy up to 7,450 USDT in mystery rewards exclusively for new users. Users can get 100% commission from LazyBear's affiliate program and the chance to become a LazyBear Partner   Investor Relations and Compliance: Disclaimer:  Please note that LazyBear may not provide its full scale of services in certain markets and jurisdictions, and LazyBear may restrict or prohibit the use of all or a portion of the Services from Restricted Locations. For details of restricted locations, please read the Terms of Service.

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